Content Policy

Wedlockers maintains a strict content policy to ensure our users a minimum quality standard.  Images that conform to the following guidelines will be accepted in your business profile: 

  • published with permission of the copyright holder
  • dimension of 1140 x 650 pixels (or landscape shape)
  • professional quality (no pixelation)
  • no watermarks or logos
  • no compilation images
  • represent your product (no stock images)
  • product images light in colour
  • products stand out from the background
  • products consume most of the image
  • the image showcases a completed product
  • the product is the primary focus of the image

To ensure the best user experience for our couples, the content of your tagged images must be relevant to the search in which they're displayed.  We may remove tags and/or images from your profile to ensure the integrity of search results.

These content guidelines ensure a consistent experience for our users as they browse the Wedlockers platform.  They also ensure that your business is showcased in its best possible light.