Suzanne Harward's Sydney launch of new Illuminati Collection

As the storms rolled into Sydney on Friday afternoon, some of the wedding industry’s leading influencers were dashing out of the rain and into The Establishment Hotel.  Iconic Melbourne designer Suzanne Harward had invited Sydney Brides and members of the industry to experience her latest collection – The Illuminati.

ababAnd what an experience it was.  Greeted by the Illuminati herself, guests were welcomed with a glass of champagne into the intimate penthouse suite.  On either side of a gorgeous cheese platter stood two simple clothes racks bearing the latest collection.  The Illuminati & Celestial gowns were given centre stage on two gorgeous models who mingled & chatted with industry.  

In the room beside us were an inclusive mix of wedding publishers including Polka Dot Bride and Modern Wedding.  Soda Films were shooting a few scenes and International photographer Alice Mahran was there also with her camera.  Can't wait to see those pictures!


The range within the Illuminati collection is an art form in itself with gowns to suit every kind of woman and every style of Bride.  The collection starts at $7,000 and Brides receive a very personal service that ensures gowns are perfectly made to measure.  The Suzanne Harward team explained that sheer lace on a bodice for example, can be tailored to ensure perfect placement.

ababaAs the industry swooned over the collection picking out their favourites, we were encouraged to touch and feel the luxurious fabrics and texture of the gowns.  It seemed that this was an invitation to participate in the experience that Suzanne Harward Brides are privy to.  And as we became aware, this experience is not just about the gowns.

The women who surround Suzanne Harward are a remarkable team.  They each bring a wealth of expertise and there is an awe of respect between them.  They share a kind of down to earth confidence in the knowledge that they are blessed with flawless designs to work with, and yet their presence seems to make the brand everything it is.

I walked away with the thought that a collaboration between Suzanne Harward and Bride, would bring its own set of fond memories in addition to the wedding itself. 

View the full Illuminati Collection here.


Wedding Photography Prices - Melbourne

Wedding photography in Melbourne is a competitive industry with 285 studios currently in operation.  The city boasts a powerhouse of Australia’s talent with 11 Master Photographers (AIPP) and several who have been honoured by publications including Rangefinder Magazine and American Photo. Approximately one third of Melbourne’s wedding photographers have appeared in high end wedding magazines and blogs, presenting a phenomenal choice for couples planning a wedding in Victoria.

Starting Prices for Wedding Photography in Melbourne 2016

The average starting price for wedding photography in Melbourne in 2017 is $2,200.  Packages in this range can include from 3 to 11 hours coverage, anything from no album to a high quality Queensberry, single or multiple photographers, a pre-wedding shoot, prints etc.  You get the idea - the average range of wedding photography packages across Melbourne is huge! 

This graph details the full price range of starting packages across Victoria based on the packages that are listed on photographer websites.  Every package contains a minimum of the full set of high resolution photos:

Melbourne Starting Photo Packages

Wedding Photography Packages - 6 Hours

About 18% of wedding photographers in Melbourne and across VIC in general, have a package containing 6 hours coverage priced on their website.  These packages largely include the high resolution images only but a small percentage of photographers include the following: Album (7% of vendors), 2 Photographers (7% of vendors), Engagement Shoot (3% of vendors).  Wedding photographers with work published in the high end magazines and blogs offer packages with 6 hours coverage from $2,700.

Melbourne 6Hr Photo Packages

Wedding Photography Packages - 8 Hours

The most popular wedding photography package in Australia contains 8 hours of coverage and 24% of wedding photographers in Melbourne publish a starting price for this package.  While some wedding photographers offer multiple different 8 hour packages with varying inclusions, for the sake of comparison we’ve incorporated one package only per photographer here, selecting the basic digital package or closest match. 

Starting Prices for Wedding Video in Melbourne 2016

Second photographers are a standard inclusion in more than 20% of 8 hour packages across Melbourne and the average cost for these packages is $3,166.  The price range for packages including an album start at $1,895 and extend to $5,250.  Around 20% of photographers include up to 10 hours coverage in the price of these wedding packages and if you're looking for a well published photographer - most packages are upwards of $3,700:

Melbourne 8Hr Photo Packages

Wedding Photography Packages - 12 Hours

The average cost for a full day of wedding photography in Melbourne is $3,470.  Digital packages (mostly containing just high res images) average at $3,069.  Packages that include a 2nd photographer are more expensive on average at $3,568 and with an album that average price increases to $4,320.  Interestingly, the cheapest full-day wedding photography packages tend to include additional coverage of up to 14 hours and average at $2,626.  Engagement shoots are only packaged with 12 hours coverage by 5% of wedding photographers in VIC and the average cost of those packages is $2,983.  The full range of 12 hour packages across Victoria is detailed in this graph:

Melbourne 12 Hour Photo Packages

Coming up next on the blog is our annual update of changes within Melbourne’s wedding photography market over the past 12 months (includes price & churn data).  In the mean time, join us on FB - we're a great community of Australian based couples & professionals and we'd love you to join us in conversation.

Wedding Photography Prices - Perth

This report details the average price of wedding photography in Western Australia based on packages that are listed on local photographer websites.  The most popular wedding photography packages in Australia include 6, 8 and 12 hours of continuous coverage on the wedding day and the average cost and inclusions for these packages are detailed below.  For the sake of comparison, all of the packages detailed in this report include a full set of high resolution photos.  

The average price of wedding photography in Perth is $2,953.  However, just as the inclusions vary considerably from one package to another so too does the experience and differing areas of expertise between photographers.  It is difficult to offer a price guide based on the quality of wedding photography as quality can often be a subjective commodity.  We can however offer this information: most wedding photographers that have been published in high end wedding magazines or blogs offer packages starting at more than $3,600.  

Consumers looking for the cheapest wedding photographer in Perth will find packages starting from $395.  Here is the full price range of starting packages offered by wedding photographers across Western Australia:


Wedding Photography Prices - 6 Hour Package

The average price of wedding photography in Western Australia is between $1,900 - $3,000 for packages that include 6 hours of photographic coverage.  Two thirds of the 6 hour packages in Perth fall within this price range.  In total, 33% of wedding photographers in WA offer one or more additional inclusions with this package.  Those inclusions are; 18.5% - additional 1 hour coverage, 15% - album, 11% - extra photographer.


Wedding Photography Prices - 8 hour Package

In Western Australia, the average cost of wedding photography for packages that include 8 hours of coverage is $2,800.  And as with SydneyBrisbane & Adelaide, it’s this 8 hour package that is the most commonly offered amongst Perth’s wedding photographers.  Nearly 60% of starting 8 hour packages include more than just coverage and images.  The average price for packages that include an album is $3,290.  The average cost of wedding photography packages with 2 photographers is $4,200.  Wedding packages that include an engagement session start from around $3,000.  Up to 16% of wedding photographers in WA offer an additional hour or two with this package.


Wedding Photography Prices - 12 hour Package

The average price of a simple full day package that includes wedding photography and high resolutions images is $3,430.  The price range of these packages across Western Australia is $1,900 to $5,000.  Packages that include 12 hours coverage, high res images and the addition of a wedding album start at $2,999.  About 10% of Perth based wedding photographers provide 2 photographers with their 12 hour packages - beyond that there are very few additional inclusions bundled into packages anywhere along the west coast of Australia.


More information about the price of wedding photography is regularly published on our Blog.  Join us in conversation on Facebook where we appreciate all contributions & insights from the wedding community.


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