Wedding Video Prices - Melbourne

Starting prices for wedding videos in Melbourne are currently available on 65% of videographer websites.  Entry level prices start at $300 for simple coverage of the wedding ceremony and range up to $4,200 for a basic cinematic wedding video package.


VIC Video Pricing 

Nearly half of all wedding videographers in Victoria publish a complete list of packages and prices on their website.  A further 17% publish the starting price of packages with no information about inclusions and 6% provide package details without reference to price.


Range: $300 - $4,200

Melbourne Wedding Photography Starting Prices

Wedding Video Packages less than $1,000:

Wedding videographers in Melbourne that publish a starting package in this range tend to offer a complete list of their prices online.  In fact, we only found one business with a starting price in this range who did not publish a full list of packages and prices on their website.  

In Victoria, 12% of wedding videographers offer a starting package in this price bracket.   These entry level packages range from $300 to $750 for a video of the wedding ceremony only.  The maximum coverage currently included in all packages under $1,000 is one or two hours of filming at the wedding ceremony location.

Wedding Video Packages $1,000 - $1,999:

A massive 60% of wedding video producers in VIC offer a starting package between $1,000 and $1,999.  Of these videographers, 82% publish a complete set of packages and prices on their website.  Most of the remaining suppliers in this category offer those browsing their website snippets of price and package data sufficient for customers to ascertain affordability. 

Almost three quarters of all wedding video packages in this range start at $1,500 or above and the average price is $1,606.  Inclusions range from 3 hours filming up to a full days coverage but by the far the most common inclusion is 6 hours of videography offered in more than half of these wedding video packages.  The next most common inclusion is 8 hours coverage although the number of studios offering less than 6 hours is about the same as those that offer more.

Wedding Video Packages $2,000 - $2,999:

The 2nd most likely starting price of wedding video packages in VIC is between $2,000 and $2,999 with 21% of videographers in the state entering the market within this range.  The largest proportion of packages in this price bracket are $2,400 or less.  Given that the total market size above this range is less than 10% of the industry, it would suggest the high end wedding video market in Melbourne start offering packages from about $2,500.

Just half of the videographers offering packages in this bracket publish a complete list of their prices online.  Of those that do, the range of inclusions is from 4 to 14 hours of coverage with 6-8 hours being the approximate average.

Wedding Video Packages $3,000+:

Five percent of starting packages published online in the Melbourne wedding video industry are within the $3,000 to $3,999 range.  All wedding videographers that we found publicly promoting a starting price in this range, have also published their complete list of packages online.  In comparing VIC statistics with other states, it may be a reasonable assumption that of the 29% of wedding videographers in that state that do not disclose pricing information online, a significant proportion of them probably reside within this price bracket.  The 5% of wedding videographers that do fully disclose a starting package between $3,000 & $3,999 all offer at least 8 hours coverage with these packages.  

In the highest starting bracket of $4,000+ there resides just 2% of Melbourne's wedding video producers.  None of these suppliers provide any pricing information on their website beyond stating the starting price of their packages.  All of these wedding video studios cater to clients seeking the higher image quality of wedding cinematography.

VIC Wedding Video average price 

All information provided in this article is based on the starting prices listed by VIC wedding videographers on their website.  Where possible, we have ensured all packages quoted include delivery of an edited wedding video.  Further information about price and packages in Australia's wedding video and cinematography industry is regularly published on our Facebook page.


Wedding Photography Prices - Melbourne

Starting prices for wedding photography packages in VIC are published on half of all wedding photographer websites across the state.   The prices for starting packages in Melbourne begin at $300 for 1 hour coverage of the wedding ceremony.  The most expensive starting price currently published for a wedding photography package in VIC is $10,000 and includes specialist image styling unique to that supplier.


VIC Photographer PricesSome form of detail regarding package prices and/or inclusions is available online from 52% of wedding photographers in Melbourne.  Most these photographers however, simply publish a starting price and consumers will find a complete list of package prices online from just 19% of the VIC wedding photography industry.  


Range $300 - $10,000

 Melbourne Wedding Photography Starting Prices

Wedding Photography Packages less than $1,000:

Melbourne's wedding photography prices start at $300 including 1 hour coverage.  Just 14% of the market offer wedding photography for less than $1,000 and most of the packages in this price range (57%) start at the upper end of $900 or more.  A complete list of packages and prices is available online from 65% of wedding photographers in this price range.

The majority of coverage provided with these starting packages is 4 hours or less aimed at small mid-week weddings or elopements.  One photographer in this price range currently offers 'all day coverage' for $990, however the next largest package is 6 hours coverage for $950 from a photographer new to the industry.

Wedding Photography Packages $1,000 - $1,999:

Of all wedding photographers that publish starting prices on their website in VIC, 39% offer starting packages in this price bracket.  Of those, 70% range from $1,500 and above.  The full list of packages with pricing details included is available on 48% of wedding photographer websites in this category and a further 6% publish details of packages without pricing information.   

The range of coverage offered with packages in this price bracket starts at 2 hours and extends up to 11 hours of wedding photography.  The most common inclusion is 6 hours coverage offered by about 30% of photographers.  The next most popular inclusion is 4 hours coverage. We found 3 photographers that provide wedding albums with starting packages in this range, although consumers should be aware that the quality and size of photo books and wedding albums vary greatly and full sized albums are not readily sourced in this price bracket.

Wedding Photography Packages $2,000 - $2,999:

Approximately 31% of wedding photographers in Melbourne offer starting packages between $2,000 and $2,999.  The spread of wedding packages across this range is fairly even with the average price being $2,438.  The proportion of photographers that publish a complete set of wedding packages including prices drops to 29% in this segment of the market.

Six hours of wedding photography is again the most common inclusion in these packages, closely followed by 8 hours.  The full range extends from 3 hours coverage at $2,500 to 12 hours coverage at $2,800.  The highest costing package in this range is offered by two wedding photographers that each charge $2,995 for 6 hours coverage and no album.  The 2 packages we found in this range that included albums were both at the lower end of the price bracket and the brand and size of these albums was not disclosed.

Wedding Photography Packages $3,000 - $3,999:

Wedding photographers in Victoria, Australia that offer a starting package in this price range make up 10% of all photographers in the state that publish a starting price on their website.  A quarter of these wedding photographers publish their complete set of packages and prices for consumers to view online.  The average cost of a starting package in this range is $3,408 and includes 9 hours of wedding photography coverage.

The range of coverage offered in these wedding packages starts at 5 hours for $3,000 and extends up to 12 hours or 'full day coverage'.  Albums were included with 19% of these wedding packages and additional inclusions such as 2nd photographers and engagement sessions were also found with greater regularity.

Wedding Photography Packages $4,000+:

At the highest end of the market are the top 6% of wedding photographers who's starting packages begin at $4,000.  Australia's best photographers reside in this wide ranging bracket and include those who are recognised in top 10 lists of the worlds best wedding photographers.

Most of the photographers at the top end of this price bracket do not publish prices on their website.  About 30% of photographers however, do provide the complete list of packages and prices and most of those are between $4,000 & $5,000.  The highest published starting price for a wedding photography package in VIC is $10,000 and includes one of a kind artwork particular to the niche of that photographer.

Wedding Photography Packages Pricing Report 2016 copy 

The wedding photography prices detailed in this report all include high resolution images presented to clients on discs or USB.  All information provided in this article is based on the starting prices listed by VIC wedding photographers on their website.  It should also be noted that where possible we have used starting prices for Saturday weddings during the regular wedding season.  

Pricing data for wedding photography packages of 6 hours, 8 hours & 12 hours duration was also collected during the research for this article.  These details are due to be released in a national report on wedding photography prices and will be published on our Facebook page.

Wedding Video Prices and Packages

Wedding video prices and package information can be found on 58% of wedding videographer websites in Sydney.  The extent to which pricing information is made available varies from business to business, but most commonly published is a handful of packages with price and inclusions fully detailed.  Of all wedding videographers in NSW, 40% fully disclose price and package inclusions on their website.  


Wedding Video Price and Package Data

This graph shows the varying price and package information that is available online from 58% of the wedding video industry in NSW, Australia.  The highest proportion of videographers publishing a full list of prices online offer packages starting between $1,000 and $2,999, however there are wedding videographers that publish a complete list of packages and prices across all price brackets.


Range $600 - $4,950


The wedding video industry offers two main styles of filming which affect the price of wedding packages.  The traditional art of videography is often cheaper than its cinematic alternative because less equipment and staff are required to produce the finished product.  Prices for basic wedding videos in Sydney start at $600.  The most expensive starting price currently published is a $4,950 cinematic package.  The average starting price for any sort of wedding video package in NSW is $2,364.00 however customers wanting a cinematic wedding video will be looking in the higher ranges. 


The range starts at 3 hours and the longest package is 14 hours

Wedding Videography Packages less than $1,000:

About 7% of wedding videographers in Sydney offer starting packages under $1,000.  The range of hours included in these packages starts at 3 and are generally intended for filming and editing of the wedding ceremony.  Some packages offer up to 7 hours of coverage in this price bracket.

Wedding Videography Packages $1,000 - $1,999:

A third of the wedding video industry offer starting packages between $1,000 - $1,999.  There is a wide range of inclusions available in this price bracket with some packages starting at 3 hours coverage and others providing up to 14 hours.  The average inclusion is 6.75 hours and 89% of starting packages in this range include between 4-9 hours of coverage.

Wedding Videography Packages $2,000 - $2,999:

This is the most common entry point for wedding video packages in Sydney.  About 38% of wedding videographers start packages within this range and inclusions are not as widely varied across this bracket.  82% of starting packages include 6-8 hours coverage, however the range extends from 4 to 14 hours in total.  

Wedding Videography Packages $3,000 - $3,999:

Customers looking for good value in a cinematic wedding video package will find one in this price range.  The proportion of wedding videographers that offer starting packages from $3,000 - $3,999 is 16% of the market.  Inclusions start at 6 hours coverage although customers will most often find "All Day Coverage" listed which generally implies a minimum of 12 hours filming.

Wedding Videography Packages $4,000 - $4950:

Just 5% of wedding videographers make up the top end of the market and all produce cinematic wedding videos covering at least 10 hours of the wedding day.  These studios are focused on providing high quality cinematic films using a variety of filming techniques designed to maximise emotion and drama in the completed production.  Packages usually include at least 2 camera operators and provide options to employ additional filming equipment and expertise for a truly unique top end production.

Wedding Videography Packages Pricing Report 2016

Every wedding videographer in Sydney includes some form of edited video in their wedding packages.  One of the more common edits is a highlight clip of 5 minutes or less in duration, which is suitable for sharing online.  These are often included in starting packages both as a convenience for customers to share with family and friends and because the format is perfectly suited to the marketing needs of the wedding videographer.  

All information provided in this article is based on the starting prices listed by NSW wedding videographers on their website.  Additional price and package information is regularly published on our Facebook page.





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