Rustic Wedding Venues in NSW

The rustic wedding venue was once the exclusive domain of old tin sheds and wooden barns on country properties in the city outskirts. Nowadays, the rustic theme has broadened to incorporate a wider variety of wedding venues including those that feature modern architecture and decor. A rustic wedding is no longer restricted to old rusty sheds. In NSW, a wonderfully eclectic selection of rustic wedding venues includes original barns & sheds as well as more modern & purpose built spaces. You can find them all by scrolling down.

Interestingly, the popularity of rustic wedding venues has not diminished since the concept of getting married in a shed first burst onto the events scene. That may be because rustic venues offer something different to a traditional wedding venue. They deliver an experience outside of the norm in a very personalised setting that’s often more closely aligned with the lifestyles of the couples that choose to get married in them. Rustic spaces have a unique down to earth and relaxed feel about them. They’re fun!

Rustic wedding venues in NSW include wineries, resorts, country-style homesteads, gardens, olive groves, bed & breakfasts, heritage listed properties and luxury estates. Many rustic venues offer outdoor wedding receptions in addition to providing an alternative indoor space, and some properties offer permanent or temporary marquees in a rustic setting. 

Farms and bush bound properties are the most popular rustic settings, particularly among couples who love nature. Purpose built structures on these properties offer a more luxury wedding experience whereas original or refurbished barns, sheds, horse stables and the like provide a more authentic ‘event on the land’ experience. Either type of venue can be styled to create the perfect rustic or boho vibe you’re aiming for.

Rustic wedding venues all have their own unique personalities. Their location provides the setting for your wedding and their architecture and decor provides the backdrop. It’s the combination of these two elements that create the vibe on your wedding day. On the list below, you’ll find a huge range of rustic wedding venues in a wonderful variety of settings & locations throughout NSW.

Rustic Wedding Venues in NSW:

Blue Mountains
Byron Bay
Central Coast
Hunter Valley
North Coast
South Coast
Southern Highlands

Rustic Venues in the Blue Mountains

rustic wedding venue waldara
1. Waldara Farm

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY, Bush, Exclusive Use, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 20

 View Waldara Farm

Rustic wedding venue ding
2. Ding Dang Doo

Capacity: 100
Info: DIY & BYO, Farm, Gardens, Small Weddings, Pet-friendly, Waterfront, Kayaks, Sleeps 13 + glamping

 View Ding Dang Doo

rustic venue collits inn
3. Collits Inn

Capacity: 150
Info: Heritage, Pet Friendly, Sleeps 12

 View Collits Inn

rustic wedding venue wisemans
4. The Retreat at Wisemans 

Capacity: 200
Info: Waterfront, Gardens, All-in-one, Golf, Tennis, Sleeps 120 & has swimming pool

 View The Retreat

rustic wedding venue loxley
5. Loxley on Bellbird Hill

Capacity: 130 
Info: Stunning Gardens, Private, Heritage, Small Weddings, Pet-friendly, Sleeps 26 & has swimming pool

 View Loxley on Bellbird

rustic wedding venue bushland
6. Australian Bushland Weddings

Capacity: 250
Info: Outdoor Receptions, Heritage, Budget-friendly, Weekend Hire, Late Curfew, Exclusive Use, Adventure Activities, Sleeps 216

 View Australian Bushland Weddings

Rustic Venues in Byron Bay

Rustic Wedding Venue Midginbil
7. Midginbil Eco Resort

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY & BYO, Budget-friendly, Waterfront, Bush, Exclusive Use, Weekend Hire, Eco-friendly, Sleeps 150

 View Midginbil Resort

rustic wedding venue earthhouse
8. Earth House

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY & BYO, Blank Canvas, Gardens, Farm, All-in-one, Sleeps 4

 View Earth House 

Rustic wedding venue Pillar
9. Pillar Rock Farm

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY & BYO, Bush, Waterfront, Sleeps 16 + glamping

 View Pillar Rock

Rustic Venues on the Central Coast

rustic wedding venue stables
10. The Stables of Somersby

Capacity: 250 
Info: DIY & BYO, Pet-friendly, Bush, Exclusive Use, Outdoor Receptions, Blank Canvas, Sleeps 4

 View The Stables

rustic venue the springs
11. The Springs

Capacity: 350
Info: Golf, Bush, Industrial Reception Space, Arrive by Helicopter

 View The Springs 

Rustic Venues in the Hunter Valley

rustic wedding venues elan
12. Chateau Elan

Capacity: 170
Info: Gardens, Chapel, Golf, Luxury Accommodation, Sleeps 200, Day Spa, All-in-one, Ceremony-only Packages

 View Chateau Elan 

rustic wedding venue adams
13. Adams Peak Country Estate

Capacity: 180
Info: BYO, Pet-friendly, Outdoor Receptions, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 24

 View Adams Peak

rustic wedding venue tuscany
14. Estate Tuscany

Capacity: 300
Info: Winery, Outdoor Receptions, Private, Sleeps 80

 View Estate Tuscany 

rustic wedding venue woodhouse
15. The Woodhouse

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY & BYO, Pet-friendly, Bush, Blank Canvas, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 16 + glamping

 View The Woodhouse

rustic wedding venue bimbadgan
16. Bimbadgen Palmers Lane

Capacity: 300
Info: Blank Canvas, Outdoor Receptions, Winery, Private, Sleeps 20 & has swimming pool

 View Bimbadgen

Rustic Wedding venue stonehurst
17. Stonehurst Cedar Creek

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY & BYO, Budget-friendly, Blank Canvas, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Pet-friendly, Bush, Exclusive Use, Festival Weddings, Small Weddings, Sleeps 30 + glamping

 View Stonehurst

rustic wedding venues lonely
18. Lonely Goat Olives

Capacity: 100
Info: Olive Grove, DIY & BYO, Budget-friendly, Blank Canvas, Outdoor Receptions, Farm, Small Weddings, Pet-friendly, Exclusive Use, Eco-friendly, Sleeps 5 + glamping

 View Lonely Goat

rustic wedding venue goosewing
19. Goosewing Cottage

Capacity: 20
Info: Small Weddings & Elopements, Farm, Pet-friendly, Eco-friendly, Sleeps 12 & has Swimming Pool

 View Goosewing Cottage

Rustic wedding venue moravia
20. Moravia Park

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY & BYO, Blank Canvas, Outdoor Receptions, Budget-friendly, Private, Sleeps 2

 View Moravia Park

rustic venue redleaf
21. Redleaf

Capacity: 250
Info: DIY & BYO, Blank Canvas, Outdoor Receptions, Exclusive Use, Gardens, Small Weddings, Sleeps 12 & has pool

 View Redleaf

Rustic Venues in the Illawarra

rustic wedding venue crooked
22. Crooked River Wines

Capacity: 200
Info: Winery, Farm, All-in-one, Sleeps 8

 View Crooked River

rustic venue the woolshed
23. The Woolshed

Capacity: 350
Info: DIY, Pet-friendly, Blank Canvas, Exclusive Use

 View The Woolshed

rustic venue horsley homestead
24. Horsley Homestead

Capacity: 500
Info: Ceremonies Only, Farm, Heritage

 View Horsley Homestead 

Rustic Venues on the North Coast

rustic wedding venues stanley
25. Stanley Park

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY & BYO, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Heritage, Small Weddings, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 15

 View Stanley Park

rustic wedding venue sea
26. Sea Eagle Point

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY & BYO, Budget-friendly, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Garden, Small Weddings, Ocean Views, Exclusive Use, Weekend Hire, Tennis, Sleeps 21

 View Sea Eagle Point

rustic wedding venue tanilba
27. Tanilba House

Capacity: 90
Info: DIY & BYO, Heritage, Waterfront, Ocean Views, Gardens, Small Weddings, Ceremony Only Packages, Exclusive Use, Outdoor Receptions, Sleeps 4

 View Tanilba House

rustic venue watt st
28. 48 Watt St

Capacity: 300
Info: Blank Canvas, Industrial Vibes, Heritage, Urban, Outdoor Receptions

 View 48 Watt St

rustic venue longview farm
29. Longview Farm

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY & BYO, Waterfront, Small Weddings, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Late Curfew, Luxury, Pet-friendly, Sleeps 36 + glamping

 View Longview Farm

Rustic Venues in the Riverina

rustic wedding venue big
30. Big Springs Homestead

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY & BYO, Waterfront, Farm, Outdoor Receptions, Pet-friendly, Sleeps 5 + glamping

 View Big Springs

rustic wedding venues kimo
31. Kimo Estate

Capacity: 200
Info: BYO, Farm, Heritage, Pet-friendly, Eco-friendly, Sleeps 30

 View Kimo Estate

rustic venue tindarra
32. Tindarra Resort

Capacity: 200
Info: Waterfront, Blank Canvas, Small Weddings, Ceremony-only Packages, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Arrive by Boat, Sleeps 116 & has swimming pool

 View Tindarra Resort

rustic venue perricoota
33. Perricoota Station

Capacity: 500
Info: Waterfront, Gardens, All-in-one, Arrive by Boat

 View Perricoota Station

rustic venue billenbah
34. Billenbah on the Bidgee

Capacity: 100+
Info: Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Gardens, Farm, Budget-friendly, Pet-friendly

 View Billenbah on the Bidgee 

Rustic Venues on the South Coast

rustic wedding venue bewong
35. Bewong River Retreat

Capacity: 130
Info: DIY & BYO, Waterfront, Blank Canvas, Outdoor Receptions, Budget-friendly, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire, Golf, Sleeps 38 + glamping

 View Bewong Retreat

rustic wedding venue paperbark
36. Paperbark Camp

Capacity: 110
Info: Eco-friendly, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Bush, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 40 + glamping

 View Paperbark Camp

rustic wedding venue mimosa
37. Mimosa Wines

Capacity: 180
Info: Winery, Waterfront, Bush, Private, All-in-one, National Park Views, Sleeps 13

 View Mimosa Wines

rustic wedding venue kianinny
38. Kianinny Bush Cottages

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY & BYO, Bush, Blank Canvas, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Budget-friendly, Adventure Sports, Sleeps 150 & has swimming pool

 View Kianinny

rustic wedding venue bawley
39. Bawley Bush Retreat

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY & BYO, Budget-friendly, Blank Canvas, Beach, Bush, Outdoor Receptions, Pet-friendly, Kayaks, Sleeps 44 + glamping

 View Bawley Retreat

rustic wedding venue figbird
40. Figbird Cottage

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY & BYO, Gardens, Blank Canvas, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 8

 View Figbird Cottage

rustic wedding venue driftwood
41. Driftwood Shed

Capacity: 100
Info: DIY & BYO, Blank Canvas, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Farm, Weekend Hire, Pet-friendly, Sleeps 6

 View Driftwood Shed

rustic wedding venue willow
42. Willow Farm

Capacity: 135
Info: DIY & BYO, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Blank Canvas, Day Spa Services, Gardens, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 10

 View Willow Farm

rustic wedding venue oaklands
43. Oaklands Event Centre

Capacity: 300
Info: Blank Canvas, Petting Zoo, Gardens, Farm, Heritage, Small Weddings, Sleeps 6

 View Oaklands

Rustic Wedding Venue Terara
44. Terara Riverside Gardens

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY, Waterfront, Blank Canvas, Festival Weddings, Gardens, Kayaks, Sleeps 2

 View Terara Gardens

rustic wedding venue bundara
45. Bundara Farm

Capacity: 30
Info: DIY & BYO, Exclusive use & stay for 30, Bush, Budget-friendly, Blank Canvas, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire

 View Bundara Farm

rustic wedding venue worrowing
46. Worrowing

Capacity: 180
Info: DIY & BYO, Blank Canvas, Waterfront, Outdoor Receptions, Bush, Gardens, Farm, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Eco-friendly, Sleeps 40 in boat houses & wilderness huts

 View Worrowing

rustic wedding venue terara park
47. Terara Park Farm

Capacity: 180
Info: DIY & BYO, Budget-friendly, Outdoor Receptions, Blank Canvas, Waterfront, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 12

 View Terara Farm

Rustic Venues in the Southern Highlands

rustic wedding venue wilde
48. Weddings in the Wilde

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY & BYO, Budget-friendly, Blank Canvas, Outdoor Receptions, Pet-friendly, Bush, Weekend Hire, Late Curfew, Chapel, Sleeps 140

 View Weddings in the Wilde

rustic wedding venue mali
49. Mali Brae Farm

Capacity: 120
Info: Blank Canvas, Waterfront, Gardens, Heritage, Private, Sleeps 12

 View Mali Brae Farm

rustic wedding venue sylvan
50. Sylvan Glen

Capacity: 140
Info: Winery, Private, Heritage, Bush, BYO, Golf, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 62

 View Sylvan Glen

rustic wedding venue bendooley
51. Bendooley Estate

Capacity: 250
Info: Waterfront, Farm, Gardens, Winery, Book Barn, All-in-one, Sleeps 20

 View Bendooley

rustic venue southern highlands winery
52. Southern Highlands Winery

Capacity: 250
Info: Blank Canvas, Outdoor Receptions, Private, Industrial Vibes, Small Weddings

 View Southern Highlands Winery

rustic venue peppers craigieburn
53. Peppers Craigieburn

Capacity: 180
Info: Gardens, All-in-one, Heritage, Golf, Tennis, Sleeps 150

 View Peppers Craigieburn

rustic venue growwild
54. Growwild Wildflower Farm

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY & BYO, Outdoor Receptions, Blank Canvas, Farm, Garden, Pet-friendly, Bush, Budget-friendly, Weekend Hire, Contribute to a purpose

 View Growwild Farm 

rustic wedding venue petrichor
55. Petrichor Farm

Capacity: 150
Info: Blank Canvas, Private, All-in-one, Off-the-beaten-track, Sleeps 2 + glamping, Kangaroos & Wombats

 View Petrichor Farm

Rustic Venues in Sydney

rustic venue athol hall
56. Athol Hall

Capacity: 200
Info: Harbour Views, Heritage, Beach, Outdoor Receptions, Blank Canvas, All-in-one

 View Athol Hall

rustic venue freedom hub
57. The Freedom Hub

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY & BYO, Urban, Industrial Vibes, Contribute to a purpose, Blank Canvas, 

 View The Freedom Hub

rustic venue william inglis
58. The William Inglis Hotel

Capacity: 700
Info: Gardens, All-in-one, Pet-friendly, Outdoor Receptions, Budget-friendly, Industrial Vibes, Day Spa Services, Ceremony-only Packages, Sleeps 300

 View The William Inglis

rustic venue bathers pavilion
59. The Bathers' Pavilion

Capacity: 150
Info: Beach, Blank Canvas, Ocean Views

 View Bathers Pavilion

rustic venue uni of sydney

60. University of Sydney

Capacity: 500
Info: Gardens, Industrial Vibes, Heritage, All-in-one, Small Weddings

 View University of Sydney

rustic venue berowra
61. Berowra Waters Inn

Capacity: 80
Info: Waterfront, Budget-friendly, Bush, Arrive by Boat, Small Weddings

 View Berowra Waters Inn

rustic venue springfield house
62. Springfield House

Capacity: 200
Info: Blank Canvas, Gardens, Budget-friendly, Pet-friendly, Exclusive Use, Outdoor Receptions, Private

 View Springfield House

rustic venue three williams
63. Three Williams

Capacity: 120
Info: Urban, Budget-friendly, Small Weddings, Industrial Vibes

 View Three Williams

rustic venue kittyhawk
64. Kittyhawk

Capacity: 175
Info: Urban, Small Weddings

 View Kittyhawk

Most rustic venues on this list are all-in-one venues where you can host both your wedding ceremony and reception in the one place. Many of these venues that provide accommodation onsite can also offer exclusive use of the property for the entire weekend. This option allows you to host several wedding related events at the property such as a pre-wedding rehearsal dinner and a post wedding recovery brunch. 

Whatever your plans are, a rustic wedding venue provides the setting for a unique, fun and memorable wedding experience. Enquire with any of these rustic wedding venues in NSW by following the links provided. Happy planning.

Cover Image: Adams Peak Country Estate by Translucent Photography