Awesome Barn & Shed Wedding Venues in NSW

Barns and Sheds NSW

Barns and Sheds have recently become some of the most sought after wedding venues in Australia. As more couples look for unique spaces that perfectly suit their personalities and lifestyle, demand for weddings in barns and sheds has soared. And so too has supply. When it comes to finding off-the-grid unique venues, Australia is the wedshed capital of the world. 

Initially inspired by beautifully styled private property weddings that had began appearing on social media, couples started looking for similar options for their own weddings. Farm owners found themselves receiving enquiries about the possibility of hosting weddings on their property. Those queries have steadily increased over the past few years, and in response, so too have the variety of barns and sheds now available for weddings in NSW.

Rustic spaces such as restored hay barns and tractor sheds are readily found in all regions of the state. Their exposed wooden beams, original flooring and corrugated & wrought iron features lend a relaxed and festive atmosphere to off-the-grid weddings. Ideal for rustic and boho weddings, these repurposed structures are easily (and cheaply) glammed up to achieve a modern aesthetic.  

Other rustic style barns and sheds that you can hire as wedding venues in NSW include horse stables and arenas. Long table lunches are particularly well suited in these spaces and there’s usually very little styling required other than the table setting itself.

In recent years, purpose built sheds have sprung up throughout NSW in response to growing demand for the chilled vibe of a barn venue coupled with a fresh and modern aesthetic. White walls, high ceilings, exposed wooden beams, floor to ceiling glass windows and large glass sliding doors make these light filled spaces the perfect blank canvas to style to your own preference.

Barns and sheds are wonderfully understated wedding venues that offer a unique and relaxed setting for laid back events with a fun atmosphere. They're typically large spaces that offer room for a dance floor, photo booth or a break away area that can be easily styled with a few rugs, a pair of velvet couches and a personalised neon sign. One of the great things about properties with barns and sheds for weddings, is that they almost always also offer accommodation onsite. From barn lofts to country estates to cottages or even glamping.

Whether you prefer a repurposed rustic barn or a modern light filled shed, there's a huge range of venues to choose from in NSW.  From working cattle farms to private properties to exclusive retreats - these are the best barn and shed venues for weddings in NSW...

40+ Barns & Sheds in NSW


Blue Mountains
Byron Bay
Central Coast
Hunter Valley
North Coast 
South Coast
Southern Highlands

Barns & Sheds in the Blue Mountains

barn wedding venue waldara
Waldara Farm

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY, Rustic, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 20

 View Waldara Farm

barns sheds wedding venue lithgow
Lithgow State Mine

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY/BYO, Heritage, Industrial, Outdoor Receptions

 View Lithgow State Mine

barn shed wedding venue tobruk
Tobruk Sheep Station

Capacity: 200
Info: Rustic, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 11 + Glamping

 View Tobruk Sheep Station

barns sheds wedding venue bushland
Australian Bushland Weddings

Capacity: 250
Info: Rustic, Heritage, Budget-friendly, Small Weddings 50+, Late Curfew, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 200+, Camping & Glamping 

 View Australian Bushland Weddings

barn shed venue ding
Ding Dang Doo

Capacity: 100
Info: DIY/BYO, Elopements & Small Weddings, Pet-friendly, Sleeps 13 + Glamping

 View Ding Dang Doo

Barns & Sheds in Byron Bay

barn shed wedding venue midginbil
Midginbil Eco Resort

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY/BYO, Budget-friendly, Exclusive Use, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 150

 View Midginbil Resort

barn shed wedding venue Ardeena
Ardeena Events

Capacity: 130
Info: DIY/BYO, Ocean Views, Outdoor Receptions, Sleeps 18

 View Ardeena Events

barn shed wedding venue summergrove
Summergrove Estate

Capacity: 130
Info: Outdoor Receptions, Chapel, Sleeps 22

 View Summergrove Estate

Barn shed wedding venue earth
The Earth House

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY/BYO, Sleeps 4

 View Earth House

barns sheds wedding venue pillar
Pillar Rock Farm

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Rustic, Small Weddings from 40+, Sleeps 16 + Glamping

 View Pillar Rock Farm

barn sheds wedding venue yamba
Riverside Ranch Yamba

Capacity: 150
Info: Waterfront

 View Riverside Ranch

Barns & Sheds on the Central Coast

Barn shed wedding venue somersby
Somersby Garden

Capacity: 120
Info: Also offers marquee weddings. Sleeps 14

 View Somersby Garden

barn shed wedding venue stables
The Stables of Somersby

Capacity: 250
Info: DIY/BYO, Rustic, Exclusive Use, Pet-friendly, Elopements, Sleeps 4

 View The Stables 

barns sheds wedding venue springs
The Springs

Capacity: 350
Info: Rustic, Industrial, Golf

 View The Springs

Barns & Sheds in the Hunter Valley

barn shed wedding venue adams
Adams Peak Country Estate

Capacity: 180
Info: BYO, Outdoor Receptions, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Rustic, Sleeps 24

 View Adams Peak

barns sheds wedding venue woodhouse
The Woodhouse

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY/BYO, Rustic, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 16 + Glamping

 View The Woodhouse 

barns sheds wedding venue moravia
Moravia Park

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY/BYO, Outdoor Receptions, Rustic, Budget-friendly, Sleeps 2

 View Moravia Park

barns sheds wedding venue gardens
Albion Farm Gardens

Capacity: 120
Info: Ceremony only packages available. 

 View Albion Farm

barns sheds wedding venue redleaf
Redleaf Wollombi

Capacity: 250
Info: DIY/BYO, Outdoor Receptions, Rustic, Small Weddings from 50+, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 12

 View Redleaf

barns sheds wedding venue merrindah
Merrindah Weddings

Capacity: 150
Info: DIY/BYO, Outdoor Receptions, Rustic. Also offers marquee weddings.

 View Merrindah Weddings

barns sheds wedding venue mist
Mist in the Gum Trees

Capacity: 120
Info: Rustic, Industrial, Eco-friendly, Sleeps 15

 View Mist in the Gum Trees

barns sheds wedding venue ben
Ben Ean Winery

Capacity: 500
Info: Outdoor Receptions, Rustic, Heritage

 View Ben Ean

barns sheds wedding venue white
The White Barn

Capacity: 150
Info: Pet-friendly, NEW venue

 View White Barn

Barns & Sheds in the Illawarra

barn shed wedding venue seacliff
Seacliff House

Capacity: 180
Info: DIY, Ocean Views, Outdoor Receptions, Industrial, Pet-friendly, Sleeps 24

 View Seacliff House

barns sheds wedding venue woolshed
The Woolshed

Capacity: 350
Info: DIY, Rustic, Pet-friendly

 View The Woolshed

Barns & Sheds on the North Coast

barns sheds wedding venues longview
Longview Farm

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Rustic, Small Weddings & Elopements, Pet-friendly, Rotating House, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Late Curfew, Sleeps 36 + Glamping

 View Longview Farm

barn shed wedding venue sea
Sea Eagle Point

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Budget-friendly, Small Weddings & Elopements, Weekend Hire, Ocean Views, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 21

 View Sea Eagle Point

Barns & Sheds in the Riverina

barns shed wedding venue big
Big Springs Homestead

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Rustic, Pet-friendly, Sleeps 5 + Glamping

 View Big Springs

barns sheds wedding venue kimo
Kimo Estate

Capacity: 200
Info: BYO, Rustic, Heritage, Pet-friendly, Eco-friendly, Sleeps 30

 View Kimo Estate

Barns & Sheds on the South Coast

barns sheds wedding venue driftwood
Driftwood Shed

Capacity: 100
Info: DIY/BYO, Outdoor Receptions, Rustic, Weekend Hire, Pet-friendly, Sleeps 6

 View Driftwood Shed

barns sheds wedding venue willow
Willow Farm

Capacity: 135
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Rustic, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 10

 View Willow Farm

barns sheds wedding venue oaklands
Oaklands Event Centre

Capacity: 300
Info: Rustic, Heritage, Small weddings from 40+, Sleeps 6

 View Oaklands

barns sheds wedding venues terara
Terara Riverside Gardens

Capacity: 120
Info: DIY, Waterfront, Rustic, Sleeps 2

 View Terara Gardens

barns sheds wedding venue bundara
Bundara Farm

Capacity: 30
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Outdoor Spaces, Rustic, Budget-friendly, Small Weddings Only, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Sleeps 30

 View Bundara Farm

barns shed wedding venue worrowing

Capacity: 180
Info: DIY/BYO, Rustic, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire, Exclusive Use, Eco-friendly, Sleeps 40

 View Worrowing

barns sheds wedding venue terara Park farm
Terara Park Farm

Capacity: 180
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Rustic, Budget-friendly, Weekend Hire, Sleeps 12

 View Terara Park Farm

Barns & Sheds in the Southern Highlands

barns sheds wedding venues wilde
Weddings in the Wilde

Capacity: 200
Info: DIY/BYO, Outdoor Receptions, Rustic, Budget-friendly, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire, Late Curfew, Chapel, Sleeps 140

 View Weddings in the Wilde

barns sheds wedding venue mali
Mali Brae Farm

Capacity: 120
Info: Waterfront, Rustic, Heritage, Sleeps 12

 View Mali Brae Farm

barn wedding venue dooley
Bendooley Estate

Capacity: 250
Info: Water Feature, Rustic, Luxury, Book-store space also available. Sleeps 20

 View Bendooley

barns sheds wedding venue petrichor
Petrichor Farm

Capacity: 150
Info: Rustic, Sleeps 2 + Glamping

 View Petrichor Farm

Barns & Sheds in Sydney

barns sheds wedding venues william
William Inglis Hotel

Capacity: 700
Info: Rustic, Waterfront, Pet-friendly, Budget-friendly, Industrial, Ceremony only packages available, Sleeps 300

 View William Inglis

A barn or shed is a wonderful venue choice for couples who want their wedding to be relaxed and fun with the ceremony and reception all in one place. Most of the properties on this list provide accommodation onsite too, so that you can stay the night before your wedding, get ready onsite in the morning and wander ‘home’ after your wedding reception.

With many properties available for your exclusive use for the entire weekend, barn and shed venues offer a very private and intimate setting where you can enjoy the company of your guests for an extended wedding celebration. And while barn weddings are popular, they’re certainly very unique. Having your wedding in a barn or shed is not a celebration that the two of you, or your guests, will quickly forget. 

The above barns and sheds are all wedding venues in NSW. They often book out quickly and we recommend making enquiries 8 months to 2 years in advance. The longer the lead time, the more likely you are to secure your preferred dates.

Cover Image: Van Middleton Photography 

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