40 Farm Wedding Venues in NSW

Farm Wedding Venues South Coast

Thinking of a farm wedding?  Here's 40 venues in NSW that are perfect for a farm wedding. You can download a copy of this list using the form below.

Farms in the Blue Mountains

1. Tobruk Sheep Station

Sheep Station
Capacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 11
Info: Barn/Shed, Outdoor Reception, Weekend Hire, Glamping, Sheep, Horses

 View Tobruk

2. Logan Brae

Blue Mountains Farm Venue Logan Brae
Capacity: Seated 30, Max 30
Sleeps: 2
Info: Apple Orchard, Barn/Shed, Marquee, DIY/BYO, Budget Friendly

 View Logan Brae

3. Waldara Farm

Waldara Farm Venue NSW Farm
Capacity: Seated 150, Max 150
Sleeps: 20
Info: Barns/Sheds, DIY, Native Bush, Exclusive Use Weekend Hire, Tennis Court, Cows

 View Waldara

4. Ding Dang Doo

Farm Venue Ding Dang Doo
Capacity: Seated 60, Max 100
Sleeps: 13
Info: DIY/BYO, Pet Friendly, Micro Weddings, Kayaks, Chickens, Horses, Jetty, Birdlife

 View Ding Dang Doo 

Farms in Byron Bay

5. Ardeena Events

Farm venue ardeenaCapacity: Seated 130, Max 130
Sleeps: 0
Info: DIY/BYO, Bush, Ocean Views, Mid-week discount

 View Ardeena

6. The EarthHouse

Farm Venue The EarthhouseCapacity: Seated 120, Max 120
Sleeps: 0

 View EarthHouse

7. Forget Me Not 

Farm Venue Forget me not
Capacity: Seated 200, Max 250
Sleeps: 8
Info: Marquee, Micro Weddings, Swimming Pool, Chapel, Cows, Horses, Jetty

 View Forget Me Not

8. Pillar Rock Farm

Farm Venue Pillar RockCapacity: Seated 120, Max 200
Sleeps: 16
Info: DIY/BYO, Barn/Shed, Bush, Glamping, Kayaks, Kangaroos

 View Pillar Rock

Farms in the Hunter Valley

9. Albion Farm Gardens

Farm Venue AlbionCapacity: Seated 80, Max 120
Sleeps: 0
Info: Barn/Shed

 View Albion Gardens

10. Mindaribba

Farm Venue mindaribbaCapacity: Seated 120, Max 120
Sleeps: 0
Info: BYO, Marquee, Pet Friendly, Private

 View Mindaribba

 11. Adams Peak Estate

Farm Wedding Venue Adams PeakCapacity: Seated 120, Max 180
Sleeps: 24
Info: BYO, Barn/Shed, Pet Friendly, Private, Weekend Hire, Jetty, Mid-week discount

 View Adams Peak

12. Lonely Goat Olives

Farm venue nsw lonely goatCapacity: Seated 100, Max 100
Sleeps: 5
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Budget Friendly, Micro Weddings, Private, Pet Friendly, Glamping, Eco-friendly

 View Lonely Goat

13. Goosewing Cottage

Farm Venue NSW GoosewingCapacity: Seated 20, Max 20
Sleeps: 12
Info: Elopements + Micro Weddings, Pet Friendly, Swimming Pool, Chickens, Eco-friendly

 View Goosewing

14. Stonehurst

Farm Venue NSW StonehurstCapacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 30
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Winery, Private, Budget Friendly, Micro Weddings, Pet Friendly, Bush, Glamping

 View Stonehurst

15. Arcadian Retreat

Farm venue nsw Arcadian RetreatCapacity: Seated 40, Max 60
Sleeps: 16
Info: DIY, Private, Bush, Weekend Hire, Micro Weddings, Swimming Pool, Cows, Chickens

 View Arcadian Retreat

16. Merrindah Weddings

Farm Wedding NSW Merrindah VenueCapacity: Seated 100, Max 150
Sleeps: 0
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Barn/Shed

 View Merrindah

17. Moravia Park

Farm wedding venue nsw moravia parkCapacity: Seated 150, Max 200
Sleeps: 2
Info: DIY/BYO, Private, Barn/Shed, Lawn Games

 View Moravia Park

Farms in the Illawarra

18. Crooked River Wines

Farm wedding venue nsw crooked riverCapacity: Seated 150, Max 200
Sleeps: 8
Info: Winery

 View Crooked River Wines

19. Horsley Homestead

Farm wedding venue nsw horsleyCeremony only: 500
Sleeps: 0
Info: Heritage, Cows, Sheep

 View Horsley Homestead

 20. Seacliff House

Farm wedding venue nsw seacliff houseCapacity: Seated 132, Max 180
Sleeps: 12
Info: DIY, Marquee, Beach, Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Industrial

 View Seacliff House

Farms on the North Coast

21. Fernbank Farmstay

Farm wedding venue Fernbank NSWCapacity: Seated 120, Max 140
Sleeps: 16
Info: Marquee, Heritage, Micro Weddings, Swimming

 View Fernbank

22. Longview Farm

Farm Wedding Venue NSW LongviewCapacity: Seated 120, Max 120
Sleeps: 36
Info: DIY/BYO, Private, Barn/Shed, Micro Weddings, Pet Friendly, Weekend Hire, Late Curfew, Revolving House, Glamping, Kayaks, Cows

 View Longview Farm

23. Valhalla Restaurant & Bar

Farm Venue NSW ValhallaCapacity: Seated 80, Max 150
Sleeps: 0
Info: Cows

 View Valhalla

Farms in the Riverina

24. Big Springs Homestead

Farm Venue NSW Big SpringsCapacity: Seated 170, Max 200
Sleeps: 5
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Waterfront, Barn/Shed, Pet Friendly, Glamping, Cows

 View Big Springs

25. St Edwards of the Riverina

Farm Venue NSW St EdwardsCapacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 8
Info: Heritage

 View St Edwards

26. Kimo Estate

Farm Venue Barn Wedding Kimo EstateCapacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 30
Info: BYO, Barn/Shed, Heritage, Pet Friendly, Sheep, Horses, Eco-friendly

 View Kimo Estate

27. Billenbah on the Bidgee

Farm Venue BillenbahCapacity: Seated 100, Max 100
Sleeps: 0
Info: Budget Friendly, Pet-friendly

 View Billenbah

Farms on the South Coast

28. Cupitts

Farm Venue NSW CupittsCapacity: Seated 150, Max 150
Sleeps: 4
Info: Waterfront, Winery, Brewery, Fromagerie

 View Cupitts

29. The Driftwood Shed

Farm Venue NSW DrifwoodCapacity: Seated 100, Max 100
Sleeps: 6
Info: DIY, BYO, Marquee, Private, Barn/Shed, Weekend Hire, Pet Friendly, Jetty

 View Driftwood Shed

30. Willow Farm

Farm wedding venue nsw willowCapacity: Seated 100, Max 130
Sleeps: 10
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Weekend Hire, Spa Services, Cows

 View Willow Farm

31. Oaklands Events Centre

Farm wedding venue oaklandsCapacity: Seated 240, Max 300
Sleeps: 6
Info: Barn/Shed, Heritage, Small Weddings, Cows, Horses

 View Oaklands

32. Bundara Farm

Farm wedding venue bundara stablesCapacity: Seated 30, Max 30
Sleeps: 30
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Budget Friendly, Micro Weddings, Pet-friendly, Bush, Weekend Hire, Cows, Lawn Games

 View Bundara Farm

33. Worrowing

Farm wedding venue worrowingCapacity: Seated 140, Max 180
Sleeps: 40
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Private, Barn/Shed, Pet-friendly, Bush, Weekend Hire, Kangaroos, Birdlife, Horses, Eco-friendly

 View Worrowing

34. Terara Park Farm

Farm wedding venue terara nswCapacity: Seated 180, Max 180
Sleeps: 12
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Budget Friendly, Weekend Hire, Horses

 View Terara Park

Farms in the Southern Highlands

35. Hillview Heritage Hotel

Farm venue nsw weddings hillviewCapacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 21
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Heritage, Budget Friendly, Micro Weddings, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire

 View Hillview

36. Growwild Wildflower Farm

Farm wedding venue nsw growwildCapacity: Seated 120, Max 120
Sleeps: 0
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Barn/Shed, Budget Friendly, Pet-friendly, Bush, Contribute to a Purpose, Weekend Hire, Kangaroos, Birdlife, Chickens

 View Growwild

37. Mali Brae Farm

farm wedding venue mali braeCapacity: Seated 100, Max 120
Sleeps: 12
Info: Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Heritage, Lawn Games, Cows, Jetty, 

 View Mali Brae Farm

38. Briars Historic Inn

Farm venue briarsCapacity: Seated 130, Max 200
Sleeps: 130
Info: Waterfront, Heritage, Formal

 View Briars

39. Bendooley Estate

Farm wedding venue bendooleyCapacity: Seated 220, Max 250
Sleeps: 20
Info: Winery, Barn/Shed, Formal, Luxury, Book Store

 View Bendooley Estate

40. Petrichor Farm

farm wedding venue petrichorCapacity: Seated 150, Max 150
Sleeps: 2
Info: Private, Barn/Shed, Glamping, Cows, Kangaroos, Wombats, Birdlife

 View Petrichor Farm

Farm Wedding Venues NSW

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