About Us

Wedlockers is an SEO-powered wedding platform that makes it easy to find & connect with amazing wedding vendors. We are the largest wedding directory in Australia and every month connect thousands of Brides & Grooms with Australia's best wedding venues & vendors.

For couples, Wedlockers is a comprehensive and transparent wedding marketplace with: 

  • ALL of Australia's best venues & vendors (not just paying advertisers)
  • An open source of qualified information
  • The world's best search engine for weddings

For vendorsWedlockers offers a brand partnership that connects your business with highly targeted customers who LOVE what you offer. We welcome all Australian wedding venues & vendors to join Wedlockers making your business visible to 500k+ visitors per year.

Wedlockers wedding directory

Who We Are

Wedlockers is owned & operated by founding partners Rachael Hastie & David Shearer.

Rachael launched the business in 2017 as a non-tech founder with a wedding vendor background. David joined the business as a partner in 2020 bringing technical expertise in-house. 

Wedlockers Founder
About Rachael Hastie

Rachael Hastie is Australia's leading wedding industry expert with more than 20 years experience in connecting couples with boutique wedding businesses. She is an SEO specialist with a particular passion for helping wedding venues & vendors to attract high-converting customers through keyword targeted marketing.

Rachael's career in the wedding industry started in 2005 when she launched a wedding video business that quickly became one of the most sought after wedding vendors in Sydney. It was this business that gave her the foundations in online marketing. 

Today, Rachael Hastie is one of Australia’s most experienced wedding marketing professionals. She maintains an in-depth knowledge of the latest wedding venues and vendors around Australia is a go-to source for industry insights and marketing advise. For media enquiries please email here.

Our Story

Before Wedlockers, I’d started a wedding video business that operated from a humble office nook in my lounge room. When couples came for a meeting, my husband would hide our kids in a bedroom up the hall and attempt to keep them quiet until the clients left. Invariably, the children would start some sort of noisy altercation and our professional lounge set up would unfold into its daily domestic reality.

Clients who dug authentic, booked.

To prepare for these meetings which happened 2 or 3 times per week came a substantial to-do list. Like all small businesses, I was a very busy master of all trades - marketing expert, film maker, admin extraordinaire. Finding opportunities to be more productive was imperative to growing the brand. But when two more noise makers were born to our household no amount of gold-standard efficiency could help.

And so that business went to a new home and I began to contemplate how the wedding industry could become more efficient, both for wedding business and Brides & Grooms.

If each wedding in Australia took 5 hours less to plan, multiplied by 100,000 weddings per year, Brides & Grooms would save the equivalent time of 240 full time jobs. Worth a staggering $20 million in productivity annually. And if each couple sent 5 - 10 fewer wedding enquiries, business productivity would also increase.

The wedding industry needed a more connected and transparent marketplace with a comprehensive directory of the latest venues & vendors in one place. And essentially, a search engine to help couples find the perfect place, product or service, even if they didn't know exactly what it was they were looking.

And so Wedlockers was born, bringing new search technology to empower both sides of the industry.

For couples, Wedlockers makes it easy to find the perfect venues & vendors with awesome keyword search. For businesses, the site offers an unprecedented ability to attract high converting customers through keyword advertising.

We'd love you to join us. Get started by creating a business listing, or to plan your wedding start searching the best Australian wedding vendors here. It's free.