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Recently signing a paper and officially announcing myself as a loved up married human living in Melbourne, Australia - It helped me understand all those ‘feels’ as the cool hip kids say. The nerves, the butterflies (I had heaps), the anticipation of what is and will be your wedding day.

My wife is my Rachel Green and I am her Ross Geller! - if you’re a cheesy romantic or just a classy couple who drink Sparkling Water. Whatever it is, let’s get creative!

I love listening to ideas, share anything and everything with me - your unique traditions, or interesting requests you want on the day, I want to capture it all for you to look back on for years to come. Always remember: it is your day in the end so lets make it a party and enjoy each and every second of it.

Pop over to my website & meet Chandler Bing - my puppy & logo.
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