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I get really emotional on a wedding day. I will cry, laugh loudly, probably try and cartwheel if I get too excited. I really do feel honored to be there and get caught up in the day.
I swear when I get excited, sometimes a lot. I can't help it, it comes with the passion behind my job and the incredible people I work with.
I'm a hugger. When we meet, you have approximately 5 seconds to facepalm me to stop the impending hug.
On a wedding day I will chauffeur, buy coffees, help with the dress, have a beer with the guys, find your bouquet, keep the day running on time if needed, fix hair, basically anything that's needed.
I don't care about 'perfect' images. If an image is blurry but makes me feel something, gives me gooseys, then it's going in. I love the rawness of life and embrace it.
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