Married by Meredith

Hi I’m Meredith.

A love celebrator, smile generator and the genuine, warm, calm person you want by your side through the wedding journey. I’m a marriage mixologist who creates the ultimate cocktail of relaxed, meaningful and fun, with perfect garnishes of quality laughs and happy tears. You and your guests will be love drunk and the ultimate vibe will be set for the rest of your wedding day.

But the fun doesn’t just begin when I arrive for your wedding, hell no! If I’m going to stun the socks off your Grandma, I need to get to know you. Cups of tea (maybe even a gin!) and chats are my jam, and I’m one of those sneaky super organised admin people who email you with a checklist. I make the whole ride of getting married – all the legal stuff, the ceremony planning and all the things you hadn’t even considered - easy and stress free.

If you’re after a fantastic ceremony your guests will rave about and you will relish forever, I’m the one.
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