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If you've made your way here, you must be in love. Chances are, you're planning something pretty epic and don't want just any photographer.

You deserve nothing but the most unimaginably brilliant, wild, unforgettable wedding celebration of you dreams. All wedding celebrations are not the same. Your's, should be unequivocally yours.

I am here to make that happen. Strap in! We are about to create something epic, heartfelt and chock 'a' block full of all the feels... Let's plan your One Day Collective photography experience and trail blaze the shit outta your celebration, your way.

From stolen glances to cheeky kisses and getting loose on the d-floor, I'll be there to document your love story (and all the fun bits). I'll even make sure to snap authentic moments that may've slipped by unnoticed - they're the best ones!

Whether you want me to inconspicuously lurk in the shadows, snapping candid shots, or be right up the front, rounding everyone up for group photos, I'll be the chameleon you need on the day. Either way, I'll be behind the lenses, not missing a beat.
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