Photography by Natsky

Natsky is a camera-shy, sometimes awkward, easy-going woman who wants to make your wedding day as smooth and enjoyable as possible. She won't be asking you to pose every 5 seconds or drag you away from your favourite people for hours on end. She simply immerses herself into your day and documents things as they happen, as creatively and artistically as possible. Her camera will be focused on the emotions, the interactions, the little moments and the big. Now Based in Alstonville on the Far North Coast, she is in the middle of beautiful locations such as Ballina, Byron Bay and Lismore. She is down-to-earth, adaptable, organised yet relaxed and looking forward to meeting the next couple who may want to get off the beaten path with their wedding planning. Bring on the lovefests in bush halls and backyards, where couples wear clothes that reflect their personalities, where traditions that have no meaning to the couple are left behind and new ones are made. Natsky is about creating wedding days that are about the couple, for the couple, where you can express your love as you want to.
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