How to get more wedding enquiries

Wedlockers generates more wedding enquiries than any other online platform.

An estimated 50,000 enquiries are generated via Wedlockers per year, with 20,000+ sent directly from on-site enquiry forms. To get more enquiries & bookings for your business, you need more customers in your target market to find & visit your business listing. More views = more enquiries.

Here's how to maximise your online visibility & get more views, enquiries & bookings via Wedlockers...

1. Rank High In Search Results

You control when your business listing appears, what it displays and where it ranks in search results. To maximise your views & enquiries, tag your listing to the top of search results for all keywords relevant to your business. Learn More

2. Be Visible On Google

Our blogs & shortlists put your business within one click of your customers on all major search engines. We rank high for the search terms your customers use, giving you a large & targeted online audience.

With traffic reaching 240,000 viewers this year, our Blogs & Shortlists provide an ongoing stream of wedding enquiries for your business. Learn More

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