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Wedlockers brings together the industry’s collective expertise to make wedding planning easy & fun. Your knowledge is highly valuable to couples. It can help them find what they need, make informed decisions & connect with the best wedding vendors. We invite you to share your expertise and experience with our audience by submitting a guest blog.

Guest Post Submissions

Guest posting opportunities are available on our wedding blogTo generate maximum traffic to & from your guest blog, articles must meet one of our blog’s core objectives:

  • Answer a question that Brides & Grooms would search online
  • Introduce new ideas

Here’s some examples of what we’ll publish:

  • ‘How to’ articles - how to find, how to choose, how to plan ...
  • ‘What to’ articles - what to do when, what to ask ... 
  • ‘When to’ articles - when to [send out wedding invitations]...
  • Lists - 8 reasons, 9 ways, 10 things you need to know about, 6 new ideas for ...
  • Explainers - What does a [niche specialist] do, styling terminology explained ...
  • Ridiculously fun - wedding ideas for surfers, surprise wedding ideas, ways to include pets in your wedding ceremony ...

Our Blog Audience

Our blog is read by 8k+ Brides & Grooms every month. They are highly engaged users who are actively looking for wedding venues & vendors to book. They arrive on our blog having;

  • actively searched for answers to wedding related questions on a search engine
  • actively searched for wedding vendors in a specific geo location
  • joined our targeted (geo + interest centric) mailing lists
  • followed us on social media
  • clicked onto our blog via other pages on our website

If you're an Australian wedding vendor, you can create a free business listing on Wedlockers. 

Guest Post Guidelines

Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting published. These guidelines ensure the delivery of high value content to readers, and in turn maximise the traffic, conversion and branding benefits for your business.

  • Choose a topic you’re an expert in
  • Avoid generic topics, ie “how to plan a wedding”
  • Submit a minimum of 1,000 words
  • Email relevant images to (not essential)
  • Meet an objective
  • Avoid content that’s similar to existing articles (on our blog)
  • Avoid self promotional content (see preferred layout below)
  • Share gold nuggets. Valuable information is the king of conversion.
Preferred Layout

OPENING PARAGRAPH - Introduce the topic. Make it clear what the article is about.
MAIN CONTENT - Share the juice. This is where you pour your nuggets of gold so that readers want to find out who you are. 
CLOSING PARAGRAPH - Reiterate your message and round the article off. This is the ideal place to mention yourself.
YOUR BIO - Please provide a bio so that readers can learn about you & get in contact (approx 50 words)

Our Commitment To You

We appreciate the the investment of your time & effort to contribute to our site. When we agree to publish your article, this is what you’ll receive from us: 

  • You’ll be credited as the author
  • We’ll provide links to your own webpage from the article
  • We’ll optimise your article for search engines. (We strive to get all articles on our website to page one on Google and do regular SEO maintenance to boost results.)
  • We’ll share your article on our socials
  • We’ll provide internal links to & from your article

Turn our readers into your potential customers

If you are a listed vendor on the Wedlockers platform we will prioritise your guest post submission. It’s free to create a business listing for Australian wedding vendors.

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Submitting your guest post means you agree to our terms & conditions as follows:

  • We will edit your blog post to include any keywords we deem appropriate
  • We will edit your blog post over time to ensure the content remains relevant.

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