What Are Tags?

What Are Tags?

Tags are keywords used by our search algorithm to rank business listings. The more tags you add, the higher your listing is displayed in search results - and the easier it is for customers to find you.

How Tags Work

Tags correspond with the site's search filters. Add tags to images in your listing, and your listing will appear in the corresponding search results. The more tags you add, the higher you rank. This lets you choose where your listing appears & what image you display - resulting in higher click-throughs & more targeted enquiries.

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In the above image, a customer filters venues by 'Barn'. The venues have tagged an image with 'Barn', displaying exactly what the customer is looking for. The venue with the most images tagged 'Barn' appears 1st in search results.

Find out more in Member Services. You can get more tags by upgrading your listing to a subscription package.

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