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Love the aesthetic of dark and moody wedding photos? Dark & moody wedding photography is one of the top 5 most requested photographic styles in NSW and is an aesthetic favoured by some of the state's best wedding photographers. 

Dark & moody wedding images have a unique way of bringing emotive memories back to life and are coveted for the intense emotions they illicit and beautiful cinematic feel. When crafted by the best visual storytellers in the industry, dark and emotive wedding photos are priceless and irreplaceable works of art.

Here are 5 wedding photographers based in New South Wales who stand out in art of dark & moody wedding photography. 

Dark & Moody Photographers


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Top 5 Dark & Moody Photographers in NSW

Olguin Dark Moody Photographs
1. Olguin Photography

  • Location: Bowral, NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands, South Coast, Sydney
  • Cost: $4,500+ (guide)

Alex of Olguin Photography is one of Australia's most recognised names in wedding photography with accolades from the world's most respected publications and many hundred 5 star reviews to his credit. He is a leader in cinematic storytelling, capturing heart rendering images on the go with his knack for perfect timing and an innovative eye for angles, moments and subjects that are beyond the ordinary.

Expect an artistic collection of heart warming moments along with the minutiae details that join the day's narrative together. You'll get plenty of dark & moody wedding images, thoughtfully captured in ways only Alex imagines.

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Dark and emotive wedding photos
2. Rabbit & The Bear Photography & Film

  • Location: Northern Rivers
  • Service Area: Byron Bay, Northern NSW
  • Cost: $4,500 (guide)

Jordyn & Andy of Rabbit & The Bear Photography have a like-mindedness for the love-filled celebrations of good-time couples. Living on a farm an hour inland from Byron Bay they have an affinity for country weddings and will travel all over NSW for fun celebrations in off-the-beaten-track locations. 

Rabbit & The Bear are renowned for capturing emotive wedding photos in a subtle dark, moody and cinematic style. Images are rich in colour depth, revel in the golden hour and combine high contrast black & whites. 

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Ben Newnam Moody Wedding Photography
3. Ben Newnam Photography

  • Location: Berowra, NSW
  • Service Area: NSW
  • Cost: $1,400+

Ben Newnam's eye for storytelling and his distinctly luminous editing style regularly result in highly emotive, dark and moody wedding photos. The Sydney local is a highly experienced wedding photographer who shoots mostly candidly throughout the day, offering some direction where required for portraits.

Where Ben's work stands apart is in his uniquely layered editing style. His images are processed with a luminous and moody atmosphere that creates emotive works of art. Wedding packages start at an affordable $1,400 for mid week elopements and go up to $2,900 for an 8 - 10 hour shoot. 

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Dark Moody Wedding Photos
4. Fiona + Bobby Photography

  • Location: Inner West Sydney
  • Service Area: Worldwide
  • Cost: $4,850+

Fiona + Bobby are two of Sydney's most creative wedding photographers and have more than 100 5 star reviews from happy couples. Together, the pair photograph weddings with a mostly fun & candid approach offering some direction to capture their signature images which are typically poignant, dark & moody wedding portraits.

Fiona + Bobby regularly service the Sydney, Blue Mountains and South Coast regions of NSW but travel worldwide. Packages start at $4,850 and include a comprehensive collection of fun & emotive candids, portraits and the day's little details.

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Billie Devine Moody Wedding Photography
5. Billie Devine Photography

  • Location: Clovelly, NSW
  • Service Area: Sydney, Blue Mountains
  • Cost: $3,000+

Billie Devine is Sydney's queen of dark and moody wedding photography. Often in black & white, her images are highly emotive and capture the unique special connection and intimacy between couples. Billie has an incredible talent for capturing human connection with her easy acceptance of people showing in the openness of couples who come before her lens. 

Billie Devine is an adventurous, easy going and unreserved creative who will share in your day without effort, capturing wedding photos that make you laugh, cry and revel in how it all felt. Wedding packages are underpriced at $3,000 - $3,800.

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