Best NSW Celebrants for A 'Love Story' Wedding Ceremony

Want your wedding ceremony to be meaningful, fun and not boring? The following marriage celebrants specialise in crafting highly personalised wedding ceremonies that centre around your love story. 

These 6 amazing wedding celebrants are renowned for their delivery of highly engaging, emotive and fun wedding ceremonies. They revel in getting to know you both in the lead up to your wedding, learn about how you met and your journey to the altar and then craft a meaningful wedding ceremony that oozes good feels and reflects what is most important to you.

Here are 6 marriage celebrants in NSW who specialise in highly personalised 'love story' wedding ceremonies.

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Top NSW Celebrants - Personalised Ceremonies

Meggan Brummer Personalised Ceremonies
1. Meggan Brummer

  • Location: Northern Beaches
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Personalised Ceremonies: $1,600+

Meggan Brummer is a popular Sydney-based celebrant who specialises in crafting elegant and highly personalised wedding ceremonies that centre around the unique love story of her couples. Meggan is a renowned storyteller with more than 20 years experience as an internationally published writer, hence her unique ceremonies are a perfect balance of warmth, humour and love.

Meggan's wedding packages include a one-of-a-kind ceremony crafted around your love story, assistance for writing personalised vows, a high definition video recording of your wedding ceremony delivered to your inbox the next morning and the option of a video recording of you sharing your love story with Meggan in the lead up to the wedding.

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Zoe Sabados Story Weddings
2. Zoe Sabados

  • Location: Marrickville, NSW
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains
  • Personalised Ceremonies: $1,495+

Zoe Sabados is a pocket rocket of colour and personality who brings an upbeat vibe and infectious sense of fun to weddings. With her endearing laugh and quick sense of humour, Zoe crafts your love story into a heart-warming ceremony delivered with plenty of hilarious punch lines.

With Zoe you get a vivacious, down-to-earth professional with a natural affinity to take your love story and weave it into an entertaining event that delights your crowd.  Her tag line is "no boring bits" to which she lives up to whole heartedly, offering suggestions for how to play things a little different to the norm to ensure your ceremony is 11/10 flawless fun. MC packages also available.

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Liz Watson Personalised Ceremonies3. Liz Watson Weddings

  • Location: Erskinville, NSW 2043
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Personalised Ceremonies: $1,200+

Liz Watson is calm, caring and inclusive marriage celebrant who specialises in LGBTQIA weddings. Liz's goal is to create a safe space for her couples regardless of what gender they are or who they are choosing to marry. She creates highly customised ceremonies that sparkle, delivering them with her typical light hearted humour.

The day that marriage equality was passed in Australia Liz knew she wanted to become a marriage celebrant and has since married more than 100 beautiful couples. She's also a qualified vet nurse so your fur babies are of course most warmly welcomed to share in your big day. 

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Josh Withers Personalised Ceremonies
4. Josh Withers

  • Location: Gold Coast, QLD
  • Service Areas: All of NSW
  • Personalised Ceremonies: $2,500+

Josh Withers is one of Australia's most internationally recognised marriage celebrants having performed his highly personalised, off-the-cuff ceremonies all over the world. Josh marries his couples in the most meaningful way to them, bringing their love story to the heart of the ceremony, ditching the script and speaking from the heart.

Josh is a fun, easy going, kind and passionate soul with an infectious laugh and light hearted approach. He's based just north of Byron Bay and services all of Australia. MC & DJ packages available.

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Sarita The Personalised Celebrant
5. Sarita The Celebrant

  • Location: Long Jetty, NSW 2261
  • Service Areas: Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Sydney
  • Personalised Ceremonies: $1,400

Sarita is a kind, easy going, sincere and calm marriage celebrant who creates bespoke wedding ceremonies filled with warmth, happy tears and laughter. She has an elegant British-Australian accent, a welcoming and engaging presence and also offers MC packages for your reception.

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Curator of Love Stories
6. Curator of Love Stories

  • Location: South Coast, NSW
  • Service Areas: South Coast, Illawarra, Southern Highlands
  • Personalised Ceremonies: $1,600+

Shoshanna is a creative and modern civil celebrant with a passion for fresh and fun wedding ceremonies. She takes you and your wedding guests on a ride of excitement, laughter and love, engaging guests in the proceedings and curating the perfect blend of happy tears, hilarity and a little cheekiness.

Soshanna's wedding ceremonies share anecdotes of your love story including all the little moments that got you to the altar. Her ceremonies are filled with the quirks that are unique to the two of you and lots of love, giggles and inspiration for the future.

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