4 Hour Wedding Photography Packages Sydney

Looking for a 4 hour wedding photography package in Sydney? Here are a range of 4 hour wedding photography packages offered by recommended Sydney photographers. All of these wedding photographers have been endorsed by industry and are among Sydney's most recommended photography professionals.

If you're looking for a half day wedding photography package, these are our top picks in Sydney.


  1. Mr Wigley Photography
  2. Jason Corroto Photo
  3. The Salty Shutter
  4. Yasmina Nadine Photography
  5. Joel Quinn Photography
  6. Full Hearts Co

4 Hour Wedding Photography Packages

Mr Wigley offers affordable 4 hour wedding photography packages in Sydney
1. Mr Wigley Photography

  • Location: Redfern, NSW
  • Service Area: Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands
  • Images: Happy, colourful & natural
  • Cost: $1,499

The Mr Wigley Photography studio offers one of the best value 4 hour wedding packages in Sydney. The studio is owned & operated by award winning photographer Daz who has a small team of photo ninjas that all create fun, happy and colourful photos in the same distinct style.

The Mr Wigley approach to capturing your wedding is largely candid, with no awkward posing. You can expect joyful images full of big smiles and the as-it-happened ongoings of the day. 

4 Hour Photography Package

Mr Wigley offers a 4 hour wedding photography package at $1,499 including travel within Sydney, all high resolution wedding photos and half a day coverage.  Optional extras include a 2nd photographer, photo booth and album. 

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Jason Corroto delivers high quality wedding photography with a 4 hour package
2. Jason Corroto Photo

  • Location: Northern Beaches, NSW
  • Service Area: World
  • Images: Romantic, emotive & warm
  • Cost: $3,400+

Jason Corroto is a Sydney-based destination wedding photographer who's work is regularly published in Australia's top wedding magazines. Jason produces comprehensive collections that include highly romantic portraiture, emotive candid moments and Pinterest-perfect details of the day. 

As one of Australia's most in-demand wedding photographers, you'll need to enquire early. Deeply connected couples are his jam (we recommend providing plenty of details about your story when you enquire). 

4 Hour Photography Package

Jason offers half day wedding photography packages highly suited to elopements from $3,400. The package includes 4 hours photography, a customised usb gift box, all high resolution photos and an online gallery. 

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The Salty Shutter offers half day wedding photography packages in Sydney
3. The Salty Shutter

  • Location: Eastern Suburbs
  • Service Area: World
  • Images: Highly emotive, warm, high contrast
  • Cost: $2,500+

Dane Tucker was named a Top 30 Emerging Wedding Photographer by Rangefinder Magazine in 2021 which is basically the holy grail of accolades for the world's best wedding photographers. It is a well earned accolade attributed to the unique storytelling quality in his photos. Dane makes a habit of getting to know his clients so that he can take images that mean the world to you. He has a knack of putting you back, square in the moment with his images. 

4 Hour Photography Package

Dane offers a small elopement package from $2,500 including up to 4 hours photography coverage, all high resolution images and an online gallery. Optional extras include prints and albums.

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Yasmina Nadine offers 5 hour wedding photography packages in Sydney
4. Yasmina Nadine Photography

  • Location: Northern Beaches
  • Service Area: NSW
  • Images: Candid, matt, vintage
  • Cost: $2,300

If you're on a budget, Yasmina offers exceptional value for money with her modern, matt-vintage style of wedding photography. Her approach is relaxed & unobtrusive and you'll receive a candid collection of images that feature zero awkward posing.

5 Hour Photography Package

Yasmina gives you an extra hour with her 5 hour photography package priced at $2,300. It includes all full resolution images and she offers affordable engagement sessions too.

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Joel Quinn offers half day wedding photography packages with 4 hours coverage
5. Joel Quinn Photography

  • Location: Cronulla
  • Service Area: Sydney, Southern Highlands
  • Images: Warm, crisp, authentic
  • Cost: $2,500+

Joel Quinn is an easy going cameraman based in Southern Sydney and has a special interest in weddings in nature. He produces emotive and candid wedding pictures mixed with a few handy wall style portraits. You'll usually find Joel at weddings in rainforests, in the bush or on one of Sydney's many surrounding farms. He comes with a goodie bag of smoke bombs, drone and off camera lights.

4 Hour Photography Package

Joel's 4 hour photography package is $2,500 including all digital images made available online. Optional extras include a 2nd shooter.

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Full Hearts Co is a wedding photography collective with 4 hour wedding packages
6. Full Hearts Co

  • Location: Sydney
  • Service Area: NSW
  • Images: Warm & mostly candid
  • Cost: $3,500+ (estimate)

The Full Hearts Collective offer one of Sydney's most distinctive photography styles producing largely very natural and candid images in warm tones. Your collection includes a mix of these warm colour graded images and black & white photos. If you like the style you'll need to book 12+ months in advance and you'll be assigned your photographers 3 months out from your wedding.

Half Day Photography Package

Full Hearts Co offer a 5 hour wedding package with two photographers - 1 shoots on film and the other digital. Optional extras include video.

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