What's the average cost of wedding photography?

Wedding photography packages in Australia start at between $1,000 and $10,000.  So how do you figure out where you sit on this scale, and which package is right for you?  

There’s an easy formula you can use to calculate a wedding photography budget that meets your needs.  And the best thing about this formula is that its relevant for all weddings, whether you’re throwing a $5,000 backyard party for 20 or a 1,000 person extravaganza.  

To get started, determine the overall amount you’ll spend on your wedding.  Your photography budget will be a percentage of this figure.  To calculate what this percentage should be, you first need to consider how important photography is to you.  How you feel about wedding photography will determine if you should allocate a smaller or larger than average portion of your total budget to photography.

The average cost of wedding photography in Australia is 10% of your overall wedding budget. This means that on average, a couple with a total wedding budget of $35,000 will spend $3,500 on wedding photography.

What % of your wedding budget should you spend on wedding photography?

For some couples however, photography is one of the most important elements of their wedding.  It’s one of the few budget items that result in a tangible keepsake and is often considered an investment that will be enjoyed by future generations.

Other couples may view entertainment or styling as a more worthy investment and apportion their budget accordingly.  How much of your budget you choose to spend on wedding photography can be determined by asking yourself some key questions... 

  1. Will you cherish your photos & hang them on your walls? 
  2. Will your album take pride of place on your coffee table? 
  3. Or will your pop your photos into a box at the bottom of your wardrobe and vow to create a photo book one day soon?  

And then possibly never get around to it. 

Average Wedding Photography Packages

If wedding photos are important to you you'll likely want to spend more than 10% of your wedding budget on photos. For your reference, here are our preferred pick of average-priced wedding photographers in Australia. These curated photographers largely cater to couples with a total wedding budget of $20,000 - $60,000.

South Coast Photography
Sydney Photography
Wollongong Photography

What Is The Average Wedding Photography Package?

One of the difficulties in comparing prices between different wedding photographers is that there’s no conformity across the industry when it comes to package inclusions.  Most starting packages include wedding coverage plus a copy of high resolution images without watermarks.  

Here’s a list of other products & services that may be included in (and add to the cost of) photography packages:

  • drones
  • 2nd shooters
  • album design
  • albums
  • special lighting requirements
  • prints
  • engagement shoot
  • travel
  • online galleries (may be a standard inclusion)

Some photographers, particularly at the high-end of the market have heftier starting prices but include more extras in their starting packages.  For example, many of Australia’s top photographers will only offer packages that include printed images or albums. They believe the printed image provides their clients maximum value for their investment.

Average Priced Wedding Photographers in Australia

Higher starting prices however, don’t always mean a more expensive or “higher quality” photographer.  So when should you pay more for wedding photos?  

Above Average Wedding Photography Packages

There’s one definite reason for nudging your photography budget up a notch, and that’s when you’ve found a photographer who’s work you absolutely LOVE!  If you trust them, feel comfortable in their presence and want them at your wedding – book them.

Conversely, if you’re ‘umming’ or ‘arrghhing’ over booking a package above your budget, move on.  There’s more than 3,500 professional wedding photographers in Australia. Invest the time to find one you LOVE – you’ll thank yourself when you get your images back.  Plus, you'll enjoy yourself more on your wedding day if you feel comfortable with the decisions you've made.

How To Find A Wedding Photographer In Your Budget

The easiest way to curate your favourite wedding photographers is to view comparable images side by side.  At Wedlockers, you can find wedding photographers by viewing images such as ‘emotive’, ‘candid’ and ‘fun’ using our search filters. Alternatively, here's a curated list of wedding photographers in the following price brackets:

Who is an average professional wedding photographer?

In Australia, there’s no regulatory body that governs wedding photography.  If you want peace of mind that you’re booking a professional photographer, you’ll have to do a little research yourself.  Here’s a few places to start:

Professional Accreditations

Photographers in Australia can choose to become accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).  The AIPP set accreditation standards that members must achieve.  

If you’ve found a photographer you love that’s not an AIPP member, there’s no need to preclude them from your shortlist – some of Australia’s top photographers are not accredited.  On the flip side, if you’re considering an AIPP Master Photographer to shoot your wedding, don’t wait too long to book.  They’re busy for good reason.  

Published in Mags & Blogs

Finding your favourite photographer in a high end magazine or blog is as good a reassurance as you’ll get.  

Mags & blogs are somewhat obliged to publish editorial content from their advertising vendors - but they still need to curate quality content to satisfy their readers.  For this reason, you can generally be assured of photographers who’ve had real weddings or styled shoots featured in well-respected publications like Hello May, The Wedding Playbook, Farewell Fiance & Nouba.

Awards & Accolades

The wedding industry offers vendors several types of awards.  Some are based on a customer voting system while others are professionally adjudicated by a panel of experts.  

Professionally adjudicated awards include: APPA, IWP, WPPI

Some of Australia’s most talented wedding photographers have received accolades from the world’s most respected photography related magazines.  Being named a ‘rising star’ by Rangefinder Magazine or ‘top emerging photographer’ by Capture Magazine are among the industry’s highest honours.

Being singled out as an ambassador for one of the world’s leading camera companies (including Canon & Nikon) is another of the industry’s highest accolades.  A handful of Australian photographers & film makers have achieved this honour.

Vendors who are listed on Wedlockers receive endorsements & recommendations provided by other wedding professionals.  These provide insight into the particular expertise offered by each vendor.  Log in to access these valuable insights – they’ll help you make a decision between your shortlisted vendors.


Customer reviews provide an indication of the type of experience you’re likely to receive from businesses in the wedding industry.  We recommend utilising reviews on Facebook.

The most important criteria when choosing a wedding photographer is that you LOVE their work & feel comfortable around them.  With 3,500 wedding photographers in the Australian industry, you will find one that fits your budget.  

The average cost of wedding photography does not take into account varying package inclusions and overall wedding budgets.  For this reason, determine instead a percentage of your overall budget to allocate to photography and use it as a general guide.  

Affordable Wedding Photographers in Sydney

There are plenty of affordable wedding photographers in Sydney, if you know where to look. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.  But wedding photography is a competitive industry and with a little hunting around you can get beautiful wedding photos without the standard price tag.

Let’s talk about what cheap wedding photography means.  The average cost of wedding photography in Sydney is $3,400 for 6 to 8 hours coverage and is packaged up with a set of digital images. In contrast, budget wedding photography packages range from $500 to $3,500.

When searching for cheap wedding photography it’s helpful to know your budget, but also to clarify what style of images and package inclusions you’re hoping to get with your budget.  No two packages are the same when it comes to wedding photography.  Every photographer has a different style of shooting and produces different results. 

In our below list of affordable wedding photographers in Sydney you'll find a price & inclusions guide for each listed photographer along with a description of their photography style and approach. View the photographers who best resonate with you and enquire with those you love best. 

Here are our top 10 affordable wedding photographers in Sydney.

Top 10 Affordable Wedding Photographers

Mr Wigley is one of the best value and cheapest wedding photographers in Sydney
1. Mr Wigley Photography

  • Location: Redfern, NSW
  • Service Area: Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands
  • Images: Happy, colourful & natural
  • Cost: $1,499 - $3,000

Mr Wigley is one of the best value, cheapest wedding photographers in Sydney. The studio is run by award winning photographer Daz who delivers fun, happy photos of you rocking your wedding.

The signature 'Mr Wigley Experience' promised with each wedding involves no posing and no awkward smiles. You can expect colourful wedding photos filled with big smiles, candid ongoings and lots of joy.

Photography Packages

Affordable wedding photography packages cost $1,499 for a half day or $3,000 for a full day's coverage at a Sydney wedding. All high resolution images are supplied and optional extras include a 2nd photographer, photo booth and album. 

 View Mr Wigley Photography

Perfect Moment Photography offer cheap wedding photo packages in Sydney
2. Perfect Moment Photography

  • Location: Inner West
  • Service Area: Greater Sydney
  • Images: Classic
  • Cost: $1,550+

Perfect Moment Photography offers cheap wedding photography and videography packages in Sydney. Led by chief atelier Jeffrey Wang, the Perfect Moment team produce a classic style of imagery and video shot with a largely candid approach. 

Photo & Video Packages

Wedding photography packages including a set of high-res images range from $1,550 including 6 hours coverage to $2,650 with 12 hours of photography. Combined and affordable photo + video packages cost $3,350 - $5,550. Available extras include albums and 2nd shooters.

 View Perfect Moment Photography

CJ Picture offer cheap wedding photography packages in Sydney
3. CJ Picture

  • Location: Sydney CBD
  • Service Area: International
  • Images: Classic, candid, crisp
  • Cost: $2,500+

CJ Picture is a husband and wife photography studio based in the Sydney CBD. The principle Jeff is an easy going & fun Chinese-speaking wedding photographer who produces a modern collection of high clarity wedding pictures. Expect a mix of candid & styled portrait photos in all natural colours. 

Photography Packages

Affordable wedding photo packages start at $2,500. Engagement shoots are an optional extra.

 View CJ Picture

Affordable wedding photographer yasmina nadine
4. Yasmina Nadine Photography

  • Location: Northern Beaches
  • Service Area: NSW
  • Images: Candid, matt, vintage
  • Cost: $2,300+

Yasmina Nadine is one of our top 10 affordable wedding photographers in Sydney, offering reliable picture quality that represents excellent value for money. Yasmina's photos have a modern and distinctive matt-vintage look. She brings a relaxed & unobtrusive approach to your wedding and you receive an almost exclusive collection of candid wedding photos.

Photography Packages

Affordable wedding packages start at $2,300 with 5 hours coverage and go up to $3,700 including 10 hours of photography. You get all full resolution images and the option to add an engagement session.

 View Yasmina Nadine

Cheap Wedding Photographer in Sydney Florent Vidal

5. Florent Vidal Wedding Photography

  • Location: Randwick
  • Service Area: Australia
  • Images: Vibrant colour
  • Cost: $2,990+

The easy going Frenchman Florent Vidal operates two well-priced wedding photography studios in Sydney and the Mid North Coast. Expect a collection of vibrant, portrait style wedding images produced in a rich saturation of colour.

Photography Packages

Wedding photography packages start at $2,990 including 6 hours coverage and range up to $4,990 with 10 hours coverage. You'll receive a full set of high resolution photos with the option to add an album, prints and a wedding video.

 View Florent Vidal Weddings 

Affordable wedding photographer Sophie Granger Sydney
6. Sophie Granger Photography

  • Location: Artarmon
  • Service Area: Sydney
  • Images: Classic
  • Cost: $2,500+

Sophie Granger is an affordable professional wedding photographer who takes a documentary style approach to capturing all the candid moments of your wedding. Expect a few portrait style wedding photos thrown in for good measure and a mixed collection of colour and black & white pictures. 

Photography Packages

Sydney wedding photography packages start at a budget friendly $2,500 including 6 hours photographic coverage.

 View Sophie Granger Photography

affordable wedding photographer Fuzzy Pear Photography Studio Sydney
7. Fuzzy Pear Studio

  • Location: Sydney
  • Service Area: NSW
  • Images: Classic & vintage
  • Cost: $2,800+

Alan and Daniel are an affordable wedding photography team who have been capturing Sydney weddings for 8+ years. They are particularly experienced with religious church ceremonies as well as cultural weddings including Asian and Indian celebrations. 

Photography Packages

The Fuzzy Pear Studio offer a cheap wedding package at $2,800 including 10 hours coverage. For larger, longer weddings you can opt for the $4,800 package which includes 14 hours coverage, a 2nd shooter and a 15″x10″ photo album. Optional extras include a wedding video and engagement shoot.

 View Fuzzy Pear Studio

Ballyhoo Photography offer cheap wedding photo packages in Sydney
8. Ballyhoo Photography

  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Service Area:
  • Images: Light & airy
  • Cost: $2,990+

Ballyhoo are a team of Sydney-based wedding photographers that offer a unique light, bright and slightly ethereal style of wedding photography at very well priced rates. For best value we recommend requesting principal photographer Dan Au to photograph your wedding.

Photography Packages

Wedding packages start at $2,990 for a full day's coverage including a set of high resolution photos. Optional extras include a wedding album, framed prints, in-house wedding video and an engagement shoot.

 View Ballyhoo Photography

Splash Weddings in Sydney have affordable wedding photography packages
9. Splash Weddings Sydney

  • Location: Bondi
  • Service Area: Greater Sydney
  • Images: Classic portraiture
  • Cost: $2,000+

Hamish Abraham offers affordable wedding photography & videography packages through his Sydney based studio Splash Weddings. He is regularly found at Western Sydney's biggest wedding venues capturing large ethnic & multicultural ceremonies and receptions. 

Photography Packages

Affordable wedding photo packages start at $2,000 and you can add video on enquiry. 

 View Splash Weddings Sydney

Joel Quinn Sydney Wedding Atelier offers cheap wedding photography packages
10. Joel Quinn Photography

  • Location: Cronulla
  • Service Area: Sydney, Southern Highlands
  • Images: Warm, crisp, authentic
  • Cost: $2,500+

If you're looking for high end wedding photography in a budget price bracket, Joel Quinn offers smaller wedding packages that deliver just that. He is an easy going creative based in Southern Sydney and produces a quality mix of emotive candids and portraits. You don't usually find such emotive visual storytelling in this price range.

Hot tip for when you enquire - weddings in rainforests, the bush or farm settings will get Joel's attention as he's a big fan of nature weddings. 

Photography Packages

Joel's cheapest wedding photography package is $2,500 including 4 hours coverage. If you can stretch the budget to $4,500 you'll get him for 8 hours. 

 View Joel Quinn Photography

Cheap Wedding Photography

What exactly is cheap wedding photography? Some couples find it helpful to consider the value for money they’re getting in terms of an hourly rate. Some of the best wedding photographers in Sydney offer cheap packages of $2,500 including just 4 hours coverage. Cheaper wedding photographers will charge the same $2,500 fee but include 12 hours coverage. 

What’s a cheap wedding photography budget?

With a budget of $1,000, the cheapest wedding photography packages in Sydney will include 4 hours of coverage on your wedding day. With $2,000 to spend you’ll find budget wedding packages that include up to 8 hours photographic coverage. And if you’re looking for the best value for money, there are some fantastic Sydney wedding photographers with packages in the $2,500 - $3,500 price bracket.

Cheapest wedding photography packages in Sydney

For weddings on a tight budget, an option to consider is booking a ceremony + portraits photography package including just a few hours coverage. There are plenty of wedding photographers in Sydney that offer small wedding packages of only 2 or 3 hours and for intimate weddings & elopements, this may be all you need.

Deciding on a smaller photography package gives you a great choice of quality photographers in a more budget friendly price bracket.  You get the best of both worlds. 

Where to find cheap wedding photographers

Affordable wedding photographers are often newly started businesses.  In Sydney, there are more than 1,000 wedding photographers operating at any one time.  The market is highly saturated and extremely competitive. 

For new entrants into the market it can be difficult to find couples willing to entrust their wedding to them.  If photography isn’t your number one wedding priority, this could present an opportunity for you. There are always photographers looking for wedding experience who will offer you cheap, or sometimes even free wedding photos.

Because Sydney is such a competitive marketplace for wedding photographers you may find that long-time established businesses offer excellent value for money.  Especially during periods of growth in the industry.

As new entrants come into the market with their shiny new websites and fancy social media accounts, demand can drop for established players.  These businesses have survived many ebbs and flows in demand by offering a consistently good product and service at reasonable prices.  If you find yourself on the receiving end of an offer from one of these photographers, it’s likely to be a deal well worth consideration.

Cover Image by Mr Wigley Photography in Sydney.