Paperwork Only Marriage In NSW

Paperwork Only Marriage

A paperwork only marriage is a quick & convenient way to get married without a wedding ceremony and the associated hype and paraphernalia. Paperwork only marriages are an ideal option for couples who want to get married quickly, cheaply or without the fuss of a larger celebration.

In NSW you have two options for a legals-only wedding (aka paperwork-only marriage). You can either book an appointment to get married at the Registry Office, or hire a marriage celebrant to organise the legalities for you. Below, you'll find a list of celebrants in NSW who offer paperwork only marriage packages.

Types of paperwork only marriages in NSW

The decision of whether to be married at the Registry Office or by a marriage celebrant is typically decided by some common motivating factors. Here's a run down on both options to help you decide which is right for you.

Price $450 - 800 $469 - 799
Online Option Y N
Venue Choice Y Limited
Paperwork Lodgement Y N
Personal Vows Y N
Queue N Maybe
Stress Free Y Y

Registry Office Wedding

Getting married at the Registry Office is quick, cheap and reasonably easy for anyone with a good command of the English language. There are 6 main Registry Offices in NSW with 4 located in Sydney, 1 in Wollongong and 1 in the Northern NSW region of Kingscliff.

To get married at the Registry Office you'll need to submit all your own paperwork and attend a marriage interview one month before the date of your intended marriage. At the interview you'll be asked to pay, your documents will be reviewed and you can discuss options and ask questions about your ceremony. If you are not fluent in English you are required to organise your own interpreter who must accompany you to the interview. 

To organise your Registry Office wedding, complete the following documents and then book a marriage interview at your preferred location:

Marriage Celebrant

Booking a paperwork only marriage with a wedding celebrant, much like a Registry Office wedding, is quick, easy and affordable. A celebrant wedding includes all the legal paperwork to officially register your wedding under Australian law and all legalities are finalised for you. 

There are several benefits to choosing your own personal marriage celebrant to help you through the process of getting married. Here's our top 6:

  1. You don't need to attend an interview one month before your wedding. This is particularly handy for interstate and overseas couples who can simply fly into NSW and get married without waiting around for a month first.
  2. Your Notice Of Intended Marriage is lodged for you. You also receive the support of your celebrant in completing the form.
  3. You can choose your own celebrant so you know you'll be married by someone who you connect with.
  4. It's often cheaper
  5. You can pick your own location
  6. You can opt for personalised vows and/or include your love story

A paperwork only marriage is much like an elopement. You get to choose the location, your celebrant and can personalise the moment according to what works for you. Here are 10 marriage celebrants who offer paperwork only weddings in NSW.

10 Paperwork Only Weddings in NSW

Michael Janz paperwork only marriage celebrant Sydney
1. Michael Janz

  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Service Area: Greater Sydney
  • Personality: Friendly, warm, personable
  • Paperwork Only Wedding: $500

Michael Janz is a warm, personable and friendly marriage celebrant who makes a paperwork only marriage in Sydney super easy. Simple ceremonies are his specialty and he does all the legal paperwork for you. You can choose your preferred park or garden anywhere around the city or beaches and Michael is happy to help you find the right location.

He's a brilliant conversationalist, is very easy to chat with and has a keen interest in other people. Highly experienced & highly recommended.

 View Michael Janz

Mick Goldie Male Celebrant Sydney
2. Mick Goldie

  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Service Area: Sydney
  • Personality: Happy, jovial
  • Paperwork Only Wedding: $450

Mick Goldie is one of Sydney's newest male celebrants and has a super special available for couples wanting a paperwork only marriage. You can choose a location anywhere on Sydney Harbour or in the Greater Sydney region and Mick will get you legally hitched for $450. 

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Kellie Warren Paperwork Only Weddings
3. Hitched by Kellie Warren

  • Location: Penrith, NSW
  • Service Areas: Western Sydney, Blue Mountains
  • Personality: Laid back, fun
  • Paperwork Only Wedding: $500

Kellie Warren has a warm, relaxed and welcoming presence that's perfect for low key paperwork only weddings. Her couples love how she blends the right amount of humour to create a stress free and fun process. Wedding fees start at $500 for a paperwork only option.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Jacqua
4. Jacqua

  • Location: Wollongong, NSW
  • Service Area: Illawarra
  • Personality: Supportive, friendly, adventurous
  • Paperwork Only Wedding: $600

Having eloped to the Nevada Desert herself, Jacq gets couples who want a non-traditional wedding. She offers a legals only wedding package for $600 that includes the option for personalised vows and does all your legal paperwork for you.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Victoria Eustace
5. Victoria Eustace

  • Location: Camperdown, NSW
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Personality: Warm, engaging, supportive
  • Paperwork Only Wedding: $400

Victoria is a flexible, down-to-earth marriage celebrant who brings a calm presence to small wedding ceremonies. She offers a legals only marriage for $400 within the inner Sydney area and you can upgrade to a more personalised service for $750. 

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Orange Marriage Celebrant Kerri Mills
6. Kerri Mills

  • Location: Dulwich Hill, NSW
  • Service Areas: Sydney & Orange
  • Personality: Warm, capable, generous
  • Legals Only Marriage: $450

Having grown up in Orange, Kerri is at home in small country towns and will happily travel to get you hitched somewhere off the beaten track. Wedding fees start at $400 for elopements & paperwork only style weddings and go up from there. 

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North Coast Marriage Celebrant Julie Muir
7. Julie Muir 

  • Location: Mayfield, NSW
  • Service Areas: Port Stephens - Lake Macquarie
  • Personality: Genuine, kind, thoughtful, calm
  • Legals Only Wedding: $500

Bilingual marriage celebrant Julie Muir can get you hitched in English, Irish, Spanish, French and reasonably well also in Italian. Expect a super simple wedding ceremony with a good dose of humour. Wedding fees start at $500 for legals-only including lodgement of all paperwork.

 View Julie Muir

North Coast Marriage Celebrant The Lady Who Weds
8. The Lady Who Weds

  • Location: Pottsville, NSW
  • Service Areas: Tweed Coast, Byron Bay
  • Personality: Kind, supportive, easy going, lovable
  • Legals Only Wedding: $450

Rachel is a pet friendly, family loving marriage celebrant who delivers quick & easy registry style weddings from $450. Rachel makes the process easy and carefree for her clients taking care of all paperwork and submissions.

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Weddings With Jules is a Newcastle Marriage Celebrant for all wedding types
9. Weddings With Jules

  • Location: Newcastle
  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Hunter Valley
  • Personality: Warm and welcoming, funny, compassionate
  • Legals Only Wedding: $800

Jules delivers light hearted marriage ceremonies in a funny and graceful style. Her paperwork only weddings include a little extra personalisation to make the moment special for her couples. Fees start at $800.

 View Weddings With Jules

Central Coast Marriage Celebrant Sarita
10. Sarita The Celebrant

  • Location: Long Jetty, NSW
  • Service Areas: Central Coast, Hunter Valley
  • Personality: Kind, easy going, sincere, calm
  • Legals Only Wedding: $450

Sarita has a warm, relaxed and welcoming presence that's perfect for low key paperwork only weddings. Her couples love how she blends the right amount of humour to create a stress free and fun process. Wedding fees start at $450 for a paperwork only option.

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Eligibility for a paperwork only marriage in NSW

To get legally married in NSW you & your partner must be 18 years of age or older on the big day. There's a bunch of other rules like you can't already be married and there are restrictions on marrying blood relatives which are incidentally not as strict as you might expect. If you're worried about your eligibility, grab yourself a marriage celebrant from the above list and they'll sort you out.


Notice of Intended Marriage. 

if you are choosing a celebrant to marry you, they will email you the right NOIM for you to fill in, and will lodge it for you online. Your NOIM must be submitted more than 1 month before your wedding date and is valid for 18 months from the submission date.

What you'll need for a paperwork only marriage in NSW

To get married in NSW you'll need either of:

  • original birth certificates + photo ID (drivers licence)
  • passports

If applicable to you, you may also need:

  • change of name certificate
  • divorce papers
  • death certificate of previous spouse

The state of NSW makes it reasonably easy to get married without all the fuss of a large wedding ceremony and reception. Simply find a registry office location convenient to you, or pick one of our paperwork only celebrants above and you're 30 days away from being a legally married couple. Love rules.