8 Fun Celebrants in Sydney

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Looking for a fun wedding celebrant? Here's 8 non-boring celebrants that bring the fun & laughter to wedding ceremonies around Sydney.

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 Fun Wedding Celebrant Monty King

Monty King

  • Locations: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, North Coast, Sydney
  • Services: Weddings, Elopements, MC
  • Bio: Around 150 online reviews describe Monty's wedding ceremonies as relaxed, funny and full of love. A larger than life personality with a quick wit and heart of gold who shares stories like "how you met, where you're at and what's up next". 

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fun wedding celebrant robyn

Robyn Pattison

  • Locations: Sydney + surrounds
  • Services: Weddings, Elopements, MC
  • Bio: Possibly the most loved wedding celebrant in Sydney. Known as 'The Wedding Pixie', Robyn's trademark ceremonies are filled with love and laughter, and very often liberally dispersed with perfectly delivered one-liners in the foreign language of her guests. A tiny, pocket rocket of a human with a huge, delightfully warming & inclusive presence.

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fun wedding celebrant nsw zoe
Zoe Sabados

  • Locations: Sydney + worldwide
  • Services: Weddings, Elopements, Legals Only, Surprise Weddings, MC
  • Bio: Official party starter, Zoe is an upbeat, super fun officiant who delivers very personal, heartfelt ceremonies with plenty of hype and energy. Reviews typically state "most fun celebrant ever" and "guests were raving about her".

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fun wedding celebrant nsw sharon
Sharon Bridges

  • Locations: South Sydney, Wollongong & Illawarra
  • Services: Weddings, MC
  • Bio: Delivers fun & personalised ceremonies in a calmer style than some of the more energetic celebrants on this list.  Couples love how helpful, organised and easy to work with that Sharon is. 

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fun wedding celebrant nsw holymatrimonty

  • Locations: Sydney, Hunter Valley & Central Coast
  • Services: Weddings, Elopements
  • Bio: You'd better believe he's turning up to your wedding crackin' that whip. Expect special memories and funny moments thrown in all over the place. Deeply personal and loving ceremonies full of hilarity and all the feels.

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fun wedding celebrant tmt
Trung Minh Truong

  • Locations: Sydney
  • Services: Weddings, Elopements, MC
  • Bio: Helpful, organised and accommodating, Trung ensures a stress free, fun ceremony. 

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fun wedding celebrant south coast

Adam Straney

  • Locations: Sydney, South Coast, Southern Highlands
  • Services: Weddings, Elopements, Legals Only, Vow Renewals, MC
  • Bio: Fun radio personality who delivers light hearted, romantic wedding ceremonies with plenty of laughs. Adam has a cheeky sense of humour and is a calming influence on the wedding day.

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fun wedding celebrant japanese
Megumi Carver

  • Locations: Sydney
  • Services: Weddings, Legals Only, Vow Renewals, MC
  • Bio: Diminutive style icon and bubbly Japanese speaking wedding celebrant with a fun sense of humour. Quirky and easy going, Megumi delivers heartfelt, bilingual ceremonies full of warmth and laughter. 

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