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Looking for a marriage celebrant in Sydney, NSW? Sydney celebrants offer a wide range of wedding ceremonies from Bondi Beach to Manly and everywhere in between. And with every unique wedding ceremony comes its own unique marriage celebrant.

Of all the cities in Australia, Sydney has the widest variety of wedding officiants. There's literally thousands of registered civil celebrants in Sydney and they all offer something slightly different. From those who specialise in legals only weddings where you say the minimum required wording to get married with the least fuss possible, to those who write your very own personalised love story.

There's celebrants who are fun. Those who are caring and warm. There's bilingual celebrants, singing celebrants and celebrants who are also MC's. So how do you choose the perfect one for you? 

The following is a shortlist of Sydney celebrants who are specialists in performing niche ceremonies. They offer all types of wedding ceremonies and their fees range in price from $595 - $2,000+. Generally, the less planning required for your ceremony the cheaper the fee will be.

These are the most recommended marriage celebrants in Sydney, NSW.

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Top 35 Sydney Celebrants

Michael Janz is a local Civil Celebrant officiating wedding ceremonies in Sydney
Michael Janz

  • Location: Randwick - Sydney, NSW
  • Service Areas: Sydney CBD + 50km, Eastern Suburbs
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, vow renewals, MC
  • Personality: Friendly, warm, romantic

Michael is a local Sydney celebrant who officiates simple ceremonies from the traditional to the more quirky. He has a very warm & welcoming voice that puts people at ease and is a brilliant conversationalist. Michael's easy connection with people endears him to couples of all backgrounds. His clientele includes everyone from young lovers to couples in their 80's. 

Michael recently moved to Sydney from Brisbane to be closer to his Grandchildren. It's a win for Sydney couples as he is rated among the top 5 storytellers in Australia. A highly seasoned professional, Michael is very considerate of his couples like standing to the side during important moments so you get the best wedding photos of just the two of you. 

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Zoe Sabados is a marriage celebrant in Sydney's inner west
Zoe Sabados

  • Location: Marrickville, NSW
  • Service Areas: Sydney + 100km
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, Elopements, Legals Only, Surprise Weddings, MC
  • Personality: Fun, upbeat, infectious energy

Zoe is a highly popular, slightly outrageous marriage celebrant with an endearing and infectious sense of fun. She delivers individually crafted wedding ceremonies that live up to her promise of "no boring bits". Always with the entertainment of your guests in mind, Zoe is not afraid to offer alternative suggests if you'd like to play things a little different to the ceremony norm.

In Zoe's wedding reviews you'll find statements like "11/10 flawless fun", "endless LOLs" and "exuberant firecracking vibes". She's an inclusive, laid back and fun officiant and party-starting MC. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Andrea Calodolce
Andrea Calodolce 

  • Location: Kingsgrove, NSW 2208
  • Service Areas: Southern Sydney, Blue Mountains, South Coast
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, legals only
  • Personality: Calm, caring, kind 

Andrea is a down-to-earth marriage celebrant based in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Her weddings are relaxed, genuine and heartfelt and stem from the values of her couples. Rather than being an entertainer, Andrea focuses on facilitating amazing moments between the lovers who she marries. Wedding fees start at $550 for legals only and go up from there.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Robyn Pattison
Robyn Pattison

  • Location: North Ryde, NSW 2114
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings & elopements, MC
  • Personality: Fun, warm, highly engaging

Otherwise known as The Wedding Pixie, Robyn is one of Sydney's busiest marriage celebrants. She's a natural born hugger, is full of happy energy, has a great sense of humour and an infectious laugh that draws people to her. Celebrant fees start at $900 for fully personalised ceremonies and upgrades are available to MC your wedding reception.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Liz Watson
Liz Watson

  • Location: Erskinville, NSW 2043
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, vow renewals
  • Personality: Calm, loving, caring

Liz Watson is a specialist LGBTQIA marriage celebrant, a true romantic and a part-time vet nurse. Well organised, Liz creates highly customised and unique wedding ceremonies and delivers them with a calming presence and light hearted humour. She's a great listener, weaving your story into the ceremony and assisting with personalised vows. She'll keep things on track when emotions start to bubble over.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Megumi Carver
Megumi Carver

  • Location: Rosebery, NSW 2018
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Japan
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, MC
  • Personality: Easy going, warm, fun

Megumi is a Sydney based, Japanese marriage celebrant who will also perform weddings and elopements for you in Japan. She delivers bilingual marriage ceremonies, does translation where required and facilitates intimate and warming wedding ceremonies that come highly recommended. Wedding fees start at $380 for legal only ceremonies to $680 for bespoke wedding packages.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant TMT
TMT Weddings

  • Location: Sydney, NSW 2000
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, legals only, MC
  • Personality: Easy going, attentive, organised

Trung is a bilingual marriage celebrant and MC who brings energy and excitement to wedding ceremonies & receptions all over Sydney. He also provides ceremony hire and set up including chairs, aisle runners and arbor. Ceremony fees start at $290 for legals only and $690 for DIY vows. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Married By Meredith
Married By Meredith

  • Location: Islington, NSW 2296
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Newcastle, Southern Highlands
  • Ceremonies: Full wedding service
  • Personality: Calm, warm, happy

Meredith Downes is a fun loving, pottery wheeling, gin drinking marriage celebrant with a skill for delivering super meaningful wedding ceremonies. She'll work with you to create a ceremony that focuses on why you're getting married. Her ceremonies are often described as fun filled love celebrations that are heartfelt, relaxed and humorous. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Married By Andy
Married By Andy

  • Location: Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Northern Beaches, Southern Highlands
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, MC
  • Personality: A kind heart, organised, enthusiastic

Andy is a bilingual marriage celebrant offering inclusive wedding ceremonies in both English and German. Coming from a blue chip career in Sydney, Andy brings an elegant way with words that set the right tone and put couples at ease. He has a proactive approach to bringing interesting ideas and is responsive to his couples needs. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Marry Me Michelle
Marry Me Michelle

  • Service Areas: Eastern Suburbs of Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, MC
  • Personality: Fun, vibrant, easy going

Michelle Amestoy is a down to earth marriage celebrant who delivers fun weddings with a great combination of emotion and laughter. According to previous couples, Michelle sets the tone and scene "for one hell of a marriage" with puns included for free. Expect wedding ceremonies with all the warm and fuzzies and a good dose of humour. Wedding fees start at $800 for legals only to $1,500 for personalised ceremonies.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney
Gary Mooney

  • Location: Waverley, NSW 2024
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, vow renewals
  • Personality: Genuine, accommodating, calm, easy going

As one of Sydney's most experience marriage celebrants, Gary has delivered over 2,400 unique wedding ceremonies. From surprise weddings to mixed culture ceremonies to elopements, Gary has done them all, always personalised and tailored to each of his couples, sharing their life experiences and journey thus far.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Jacqua

  • Location: Wollongong, NSW 2500
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, legals only
  • Personality: Supportive, friendly, warm

Having eloped to the Nevada Desert herself, Jacq understands couples who want a non-traditional wedding. She is an explorer, traveller, smiley yogi and ocean swimmer who takes the time to really get to know you so she can personalise your wedding ceremony with you. Fees start at $600 for legals only, $1,000 for elopements and $1,200 for personalised wedding ceremonies. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Nicola Juliet
Nicola Juliet

  • Location: Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, vow renewals
  • Personality: Patient, fun, understanding

A self described 'hopeless romantic', Nicola has been a part of more than 150 marriage ceremonies in Sydney, across Australia and internationally. During Australia's winter months she specialises in European destination weddings. With a Bachelor of Communications and proficiency in the Italian and Spanish languages, Nicola can not only perform your wedding in Europe but can liaise with suppliers too.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Tami Sussman
Tami Sussman

  • Location: Maroubra, NSW 2035
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, Bat Mitzvah
  • Personality: Charming, witty, relaxed, easy going

Tami is a Jewish marriage celebrant who delivers wedding ceremonies with plenty of fun and no regurgitated cliches. Her services include interfaith and traditional weddings and should you happen to want a divorce ceremony before your upcoming re-marriage she'll do both for you. Tami has a background in writing & performing (poetry & comedy) and is a qualified English as a Second Language teacher. Expect charm, wit and cheeky banter.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Ben Ager
Ben Ager

  • Location: Hurlstone Park, NSW
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast, Hunter Valley
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, legals only
  • Personality: Quirky, entertaining, laid back, fun

Ben is possibly Sydney's quirkiest marriage celebrant. To your wedding he brings 20 years experience as an actor on stage, film and TV in Australia and England. He also brings his spiff and dapper good looks and relaxed sense of humour. Ben is great with live streams, interacting with guests and making them feel involved. Wedding fees start at $1,200 for fully customised weddings and legals only from $550. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Victoria Eustace
Victoria Eustace

  • Location: Camperdown, NSW 2050
  • Service Areas: Sydney + NSW wide
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, legals only.
  • Personality: Warm, engaging, supportive

Coffee and greyhound lover Victoria is a flexible, down-to-earth marriage celebrant who will travel for weddings on the outskirts of Sydney. She brings a calm presence, a wonderful way with words, is prompt and reassuring with her communication and is accommodating of her couples needs. Wedding fees start at $400 for legals only, $750 for elopements and $1,100 for fully personalised ceremonies.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Pauline Fawkner
Pauline Fawkner

  • Location: Summer Hill, NSW 2130
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, vow renewals
  • Personality: Gracious, accommodating, helpful

Pauline is one of Sydney's most multicultural marriage celebrants. She's conducted weddings for couples from a variety of different backgrounds including Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, French, Italian, German, Swiss, Dutch and South American. She's very happy to incorporate cultural rituals such as Hindu rituals and Jewish rituals into your marriage ceremony and often helps couples plan their Sydney wedding from overseas by offering advice on venues and vendors. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Kerri Mills
Kerri Mills

  • Location: Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Orange
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements
  • Personality: Warm, capable, generous

Kerri brings a warm feeling of inclusion & celebration to her wedding ceremonies. As a trained actor she has a wonderful stage presence which calms the nerves of her couples. She's a great listener, incorporating the wishes of her couples into their ceremonies and enabling them to write their own vows. Wedding packages start at $400 for elopements & go up from there. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Oliver Thomson
Oliver Thomson

  • Location: Newtown, NSW 2042
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, MC
  • Personality: Warm, kind, calm, charismatic

Ollie is a pet friendly, hot-air ballooning, scuba diving, bridge climbing, modern-minded marriage celebrant who delivers creative wedding ceremonies with dashes of humour. He has a background in acting and you may have seen him in TV ads for major fast food outlets, banks and alcohol brands. Ollie is always awake to those off-the-cuff moments throughout wedding ceremonies, making the most of non-scripted moments which are often the most memorable.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Cherri
Cherri McConnell

  • Location: Rouse Hill, NSW 2155
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Illawarra, Blue Mountains, Central Coast
  • Ceremonies: Wedding, vow renewals
  • Personality: Understanding, helpful, organised

Cherri is an outgoing marriage celebrant who goes above and beyond for her couples including performing wedding ceremonies on special dates such as Xmas or New Years Eve. Cherri makes guests feel a part of it all and puts her couples at ease so they can feel a sense of excitement about the whole experience.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Ceremonies With Sharon
Married By Sharon

  • Location: Dapto, NSW 2530
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, MC
  • Personality: Fun, approachable, generous

Aside from creating relaxed and full-filled wedding ceremonies, Sharon is a lover of mini foxies, true crime podcasts, good coffee & wine and motorsport. She also gets very excited when plants survive in her care. And when you ask her to be your celebrant. Sharon is well known for her laid back and entertaining ceremonies and is often described as classy, engaging and fun.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Glenn
Sydney Celebrant Glenn

  • Service Areas: Macarthur, Sydney, Illawarra
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, vow renewals, MC
  • Personality: Kind, supportive, funny

You may recognise Sydney Celebrant Glen from the 2018 & 2019 seasons of MAFS. Off screen, he creates modern ceremonies and is well appreciated for putting his couples at ease despite their nerves. Glen is a friendly, empathetic and understanding marriage celebrant who has a special skill for helping couples to write tributes to those who have passed. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Kylie Jones
Kylie Jones

  • Service Areas: Wollongong, Macarthur, Southern Highlands
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, vow renewals
  • Personality: Welcoming, easy going, understanding

Kylie is an attentive marriage celebrant who designs anything from quick ceremonies to elaborate services that share your full love story. She has a rural property in the Macarthur region and welcomes groups of up to 30 to get married in her gardens. Netball players will have plenty in common with Kylie, she not only plays, she's also a coach and umpire.

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Sydney Wedding Celebrant Del Edwards
Del Edwards

  • Location: Glen Alpine, NSW 2560
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Campbelltown, Camden
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, renewals
  • Personality: Supportive, attentive, accommodating

Del is a shoe shopping, dog loving, beach going marriage celebrant who loves romantic novels and movies. She creates bespoke wedding ceremonies throughout southern Sydney incorporating rituals including hand fasting, sand ceremony, tea ceremony and candles. Del is easy to talk to, helpful and appreciative of cultural requirements.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Married By Trish
Trish Johnson

  • Service Areas: Manly, Freshwater, Mosman, Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings & elopements
  • Personality: Kind, thoughtful, calming

Trish is one of the few Sydney marriage celebrants who guarantees only one wedding on any day. With more than 650 weddings under her belt, Trish knows how to create the perfect ceremony with her couples while including elements of surprise. She's been known to surprise couples with a love note from their dogs who couldn't attend the wedding.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Maria Nizeti
Maria Nizeti

  • Location: Cromer, NSW 2099
  • Service Areas: Sydney's Northern Beaches
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, vow renewals
  • Personality: Funny, friendly, warm

Maria is a full time marriage celebrant performing weddings in English and Italian throughout the Northern Beaches suburbs of Sydney. She has a fun and bubbly persona and a caring, protective nature that ensures her couples are well looked after. Full of positive energy, Maria offers an attentive service and happily shares her knowledge and helpful tips with couples.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Eliza McAllister
Eliza McAllister

  • Location: Collaroy, NSW 2097
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, renewals
  • Personality: Down to earth, caring, passionate

The thing couples love most about Eliza is her big smile. Her smile and positive energy help couples stay calm so they can enjoy the moment. During all the important moments (vows, giving of rings, first kiss) she steps out of view to ensure the moment is just about the two of you. Wedding fees start at $700 for a personalised ceremony and $400 for vow renewals.  

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Meggan Brummer
Meggan Brummer

  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, vow renewals, live streaming
  • Personality: Kind, caring, funny, engaging

Meggan is an internationally published writer who used to have her own column in a newspaper in Zimbabwe. Then she spent a year in India becoming a yoga teacher. And now she combines those two talents and writes meaningful wedding ceremonies that tell incredible stories. Wedding packages start at $817 for a no-frills self-customise wedding to $1,075 for a customised ceremony and $2,250 for extras including video recordings.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee

  • Location: Naremburn, NSW 2065
  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, MC, Webcast
  • Personality: Thoughtful, friendly, relaxed

Stephen Lee creates tailor made wedding ceremonies with a laid-back vibe. He has a background in journalism and experience as a TV and radio broadcaster ensuring your script and delivery are the best in the business Stephen also offers a live streaming service that allows you to invite guests to watch your ceremony by sending them a website link.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Karen Hamilton
Karen Hamilton 

  • Service Areas: Sutherland Shire, Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements & legals only
  • Personality: Caring, warm, inclusive

Karen creates modern wedding ceremonies with traditional touches. She's friendly, calm and empathetic and her ceremonies are full of feeling reflecting this. Wedding fees start at $750 for a personalised ceremony with your story or $450 for a legals only quick ceremony. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Amanda Knapton
Amanda Knapton

  • Service Areas: Sydney, Sutherland, Illawarra
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, mini weddings
  • Personality: Fun, friendly, warm, endearing

Amanda is a qualified celebrant trainer & assessor and designs intimate and personal wedding ceremonies for her couples. She's an expert in delivering wedding ceremonies around Sydney Harbour and beaches for couples coming from overseas. Wedding packages start at $500 for legals only ceremonies. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Marry Me Nicky
Nicky Surnicky

  • Location: Caringbah South, NSW 2229
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Blue Mountains, South Coast
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements
  • Personality: Fun, joyous, organised

Although based in Sydney, over half of Nicky's wedding ceremonies are delivered outside of the Greater Sydney region. She regularly works with couples who are having a destination wedding but would prefer the convenience of doing all of their ceremony planning closer to home. Nicky only conducts one ceremony a day which means you aren't required to lock in a ceremony time straight away. Expect a great balance of professional versus hilarious. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Alice Harrington
Alice Harrington

  • Location: Allawah, NSW 2218
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Illawarra
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, legals only
  • Personality: Kind, enthusiastic, organised

Alice is a young and energetic marriage celebrant who creates personalised ceremonies for couples in Sydney's southern suburbs. Alice is a clear communicator and brings plenty of emotion as well as fun into her ceremonies. Wedding packages start at $400 for legals only and $950 for fully personalised ceremonies.

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Ruth Matos
Ruth Matos

  • Location: Hammondville, NSW 2170
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Illawarra
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, vow renewals
  • Personality: Warm, friendly, energetic

Ruth is a fun loving marriage celebrant who's a little bit quirky and brings a great sense of humour. The lady knows how to talk so you can expect zero awkward silences. Ruth is easy to work with, is bubbly and enthusiastic and makes the whole process smooth and easy. She speaks kind words and delivers ceremonies that make it sound as if she's known her couples for years. 

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Robyn Freer
Robyn Freer

  • Location: Saint Clair, NSW 2759
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Blue Mountains
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, elopements, legals only
  • Personality: Accommodating, generous, kind

Robyn's jam is early morning walks, growing veggies and participating in yoga classes. She's open and friendly and will do anything for her couples including holding the ceremony in her back garden. Described as "a kind soul" by so many of her couples, because she cares about her couples weddings as much as what they do. 

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