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Looking for a Newcastle marriage celebrant? From young and fun cowboy boot wearing celebrants to officiants who can bedazzle your guests in multiple languages, Newcastle has some of the best qualified and most experienced wedding celebrants in NSW. Here are the top recommended marriage celebrants in Newcastle.

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Top 12 Newcastle Celebrants

Zoe Sabados is a fun, young & modern Newcastle Celebrant
Zoe Sabados

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney
  • Ceremonies: Weddings, Elopements, Legals Only, Surprise Weddings, MC
  • Personality: Fun, upbeat, full of energy

Zoe is a colourful and popular marriage celebrant who brings an upbeat vibe, endearing laugh and infectious sense of fun to weddings. She delivers modern wedding ceremonies that are individually crafted and tell the love story of her couples. Zoe is not afraid to break the rules of tradition.

Well known for her promise of "no boring bits", Zoe's ceremonies are always entertaining. She is a crafter of script as well as delivery, officiating a service that moves seamlessly from emotive moments to big belly laughs. Zoe is laid back, inclusive and offers MC packages in addition to celebrancy.

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Weddings With Jules is a Newcastle Marriage Celebrant for all wedding types
Weddings With Jules

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Melbourne
  • Packages: Weddings, legals only
  • Personality: Warm and welcoming, funny, compassionate

Jules delivers light hearted and heart felt marriage ceremonies that share your story not just from your own perspective but from friends and family also. She's a funny and graceful marriage celebrant who goes the extra mile to ensure wedding ceremonies are personal and special. Fees start at $800 to officiate a legals only ceremony, up to $1,200 for a fully personalised celebration.

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Wed By Kez is a quirky Newcastle Celebrant with a great sense of humour
Wed By Kez

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley
  • Packages: Weddings, elopements, legals-only
  • Personality: Approachable, accommodating, friendly

Kez is a fun marriage celebrant with a quirky sense of humour. She custom writes wedding ceremonies that are filled with emotion, laughter and words that matter. Kez is a great communicator and remains in constant contact in the lead up to the wedding. Fees start at $850 for customised wedding ceremonies, elopements from $700 and legals only from $650.

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Holymatrimonty is the famous whip cracking Newcastle marriage celebrant

  • Service Areas: Newcastle + Australia-wide
  • Packages: Weddings & elopements
  • Personality: Down to earth, warm, kind

This whip cracking, cowboy boot wearing marriage celebrant creates unique wedding ceremonies that are as much fun as they are heartfelt. He'll weave your love story together with a highly personalised story that takes you & your guests on a rollercoaster of emotions. Monty's ceremonies guarantee "no boring bits". He'll even turn up in a priests outfit and strip to his budgy smugglers. Literally. 

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Newcastle marriage officiant The Soulful Celebrant
The Soulful Celebrant

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie
  • Packages: Legals Only, Elopement, Full Wedding Ceremony
  • Personality: Caring, helpful, soulful

With a background in interior design, Joanne is well practised in interpreting the wishes of her clients. She crafts unique & meaningful marriage ceremonies after getting to know you, and offers "outside the box" ideas to take your ceremony next level. Fees to officiate weddings start at $700. 

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Married By Meredith is a Newcastle Celebrant for all wedding ceremonies
Married By Meredith

  • Location: Islington, NSW 2296
  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney
  • Packages: Full wedding service
  • Personality: Relaxed, warm, happy

Meredith Downes is a fun loving, pottery wheeling marriage celebrant with a taste for boutique gin. She aims for highly meaningful ceremonies that are a true reflection of the love and values her couples share. Meredith has a knack of injecting personality and humour into her ceremonies whilst maintaining the significance of the occasion

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Newcastle Marriage Celebrant Julie Muir
Julie Muir 

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast
  • Packages: Weddings & elopements, legals-only
  • Personality: Genuine, kind, thoughtful, calm

Julie is an organised marriage celebrant with Irish heritage. Hence, she knows how to tell a story. She'll tell the story of how you met and what you love about each other, in a slight Irish accent and with a good dose of humour. If you'd like help writing your own vows, she can do that too in a variety of languages. Julie speaks Spanish, French and Italian in addition to Irish. Wedding fees start at $1,850, elopements from $1,000 and legals-only from $500.

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Newcastle Marriage Celebrant Monty King
Monty King

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Packages: Weddings, MC
  • Personality: Enthusiastic, chilled, funny

Self described 'love rustler' and 'raconteur', Monty King is a charming and fun marriage celebrant who shares anecdotes and tells stories about his couples throughout the ceremony. His awesome energy and relaxed vibe grabs the attention of guests and keeps couples relaxed at the altar. 

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Newcastle Marriage Celebrant Jaya Bargwanna
Jaya Bargwanna

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley
  • Packages: Weddings, elopements, vow renewals
  • Personality: Bright, fun, warm, genuine

Modern and playful marriage celebrant Jaya Bargwanna is a registered pharmacist, a licensed surf coach and can skateboard in stilettos! A self described passionate writer and cheeky presenter, Jaya is regularly described by her clients as more than they could have hoped for. Wedding packages start at $1,400 with the option to create your own signature gin mix to enjoy on your first anniversary.

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Newcastle Marriage Celebrant That Altar Guy
That Altar Guy

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Hunter Valley
  • Packages: Full wedding ceremonies
  • Personality: Kind hearted, fun, energetic, quick witted

Often described as charismatic and fun, Jeremy is a marriage celebrant who puts couples at ease at the altar and kicks off weddings with a bang.  He creates light-hearted and entertaining ceremonies with an enthusiastic vibe and delivers them with plenty of laughs. 

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Newcastle Marriage Celebrant Wed By Jade
Wed By Jade

  • Service Areas: Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley
  • Packages: Weddings, legals only, MC, Vocals
  • Personality: Bubbly, helpful, calming

Jade is a marriage celebrant and MC who also offers end to end live vocals throughout your wedding from ceremony to reception. She can sing you down the aisle and sets a fun and upbeat vibe to kick off evening celebrations. Wedding packages start at $1,150 for personalised ceremonies and $650 for just the legals.

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Newcastle Marriage Celebrant Kim Oakhill
Kim Oakhill Boho Celebrant

  • Service Areas: Medowie, Newcastle, Port Stephens
  • Packages: Weddings, legals only
  • Personality: Caring, thoughtful, creative

Kim is a "boho & chillaxed" marriage celebrant and meditation facilitator. She does surprise weddings, low key weddings and short and sweet ceremonies with all the feels. Aside from exploring the story of how you met and your hopes and dreams for the future, Kim offers meditation and mindfulness as an optional inclusion into your wedding ceremony. Wedding packages start at $800 for registry style legals-only ceremonies and $1,200 for personalised weddings.

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Newcastle Marriage Celebrant Cheryl Forbes
Cheryl Forbes

  • Service Areas: Newcastle
  • Packages: Weddings, vow renewals, MC
  • Personality: Easy going, spirited, calming, fun

Previously a certified corporate trainer, Cheryl brings to her marriage ceremonies a polished presentations, a positive vibe and a sense of quiet and calm. She's well spoken, authentic and insightful as well as very organised.

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