22 Amazing Elopement Celebrants in Australia

Elopement Celebrants Australia

The best marriage celebrant for your elopement or small wedding in Australia is right here on this list. Because although elopements might be small weddings, they’re no less momentous, and the celebrants listed here all excel at creating a wedding ceremony you’ll never forget - in a more intimate setting, without the large guest list. 

These marriage celebrants are among Australia’s most recommended elopement specialists. They create romantic, intimate and fun wedding ceremonies in a variety of formats to suit elopements from the minimum 2 witnesses up to a small guest list of around 20. 

The elopements delivered by these celebrants range from artfully crafted, fully personalised ceremonies that pay tribute to your very own love story, to short & sweet registry-style ceremonies that get the job done in record time for a record budget. The packages offered by these celebrants range from budget friendly to top of the market. 

Couples who value a highly personalised experience are best advised to enquire with celebrants who specialise in offering this level of service. They are identified below. Couples who value a more budget friendly option may prefer all-inclusive packages or legals-only style ceremonies and you’ll find several celebrants who offer these packages also identified below. 

These are the marriage celebrants you choose, when you want to give your elopement or small wedding the momentous occasion it deserves. They are the best of the best celebrants for an elopement wedding in Australia.

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24 Amazing Elopement Celebrants in Australia

Meggan Brummer Elopement Officiant
1. Meggan Brummer Elopements

  • Service Area: Sydney, Hunter Valley
  • Elopement Packages: $900 - $3,000
  • Inclusions: Personalised luxury ceremony 

Meggan Brummer is an elegantly spoken, internationally published writer who creates highly customised wedding ceremonies that celebrate people and love. She is a warm and engaging officiant who crafts meaningful ceremonies through brilliant storytelling and makes weddings fun in her trademark sophisticated manner.

Fully customised elopement packages start at $1,400 - $1,800 depending on the season and include a beautifully scripted ceremony that encapsulates your love story so far. 

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Michael Janz is an elopement celebrant in Sydney NSW
2. Michael Janz

  • Service Area: Sydney
  • Elopement Package: $650
  • Inclusions: Simple ceremony

Michael officiates simple ceremonies with a very warm & welcoming voice that puts people at ease. He creates a relaxed atmosphere at small weddings and elopements with his easy connection with people and excellent conversation skills. Highly recommended for couples of all backgrounds. 

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Liz Watson Elopement Officiant
3. Liz Watson Elopements

  • Service Area: Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands
  • Elopement Packages: $1,200 (estimate)
  • Inclusions: Highly personalised ceremony

Liz Watson is one of the best elopement celebrants in Australia, renowned for crafting highly personalised and intimate celebrations that are wholeheartedly inclusive. She is a warm & caring queer celebrant with a calming and easy going presence.

Liz has a genuine interest in the people around her and is a fantastic listener making her easy to connect with. Her ceremonies are intimate and unique reflecting her innate warmth, and are always delivered with an endearing, light-hearted humour.

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Zoe Sabados is an elopement celebrant in Marrickville, Sydney NSW
4. Zoe Sabados

  • Service Areas: Sydney, Central Coast, South Coast
  • Elopement Packages: $675 - $1,395
  • Inclusions: Personalised fun ceremony

Zoe is a fun, upbeat and inclusive elopement celebrant with an infectious and endearing laugh. She delivers individually crafted wedding ceremonies that share your personal love story and live up to her promise of "no boring bits". Expect lots of fun, energy and plenty of laughter.

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Kellie Warren Elopements
5. Elope with Kellie Warren

  • Service Areas: Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Illawarra
  • Elopement Package: $500
  • Inclusions: Simple & personalised ceremony

Kellie Warren is a young elopement celebrant based in Western Sydney who offers affordable ceremonies for intimate weddings from $500. She's a country girl at heart, owns a horse, loves animals and will happily travel to rural areas to marry you.

Kellie offers a range of elopements from simple registry-style ceremonies to celebrations inclusive of rituals, readings, fur babies, children, parents and other guests.

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Best Elopement Celebrant Josh
6. Josh Withers

  • Service Area: QLD, Northern NSW
  • Ethos: Fun marriage celebrant who specialises in small weddings & elopements. His quirky, adventurous & warm personality make him one of the most sought after marriage celebrants in Australia. Will hike & does fly. A get-married-anywhere celebrant for adventurous couples.
  • Packages: Ceremony only + all-in-one elopement packages

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best elopement celebrant sharon
7. Ceremonies With Sharon

  • Service Area: Illawarra, South Coast & Southern Highlands, NSW
  • Ethos: "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." Relaxed and fun celebrant with a penchant for motorsport and true crime podcasts. Provides you with a questionnaire & crafts a personal story from your answers.
  • Packages: Ceremony only packages

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best elopement celebrant kerri
8. Kerri Watkins

  • Service Area: Brisbane & Moreton Island, QLD
  • Ethos: "Let all that you do, be done in love... Your day, your way." Marriage celebrant that brings the love, tears and laughter. Speaks words that reflect you and your way of life. Ask about unique all-inclusive elopement packages on Moreton Island. 
  • Packages: Full ceremony with personal journey + legals only option

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best elopement celebrants holy
9. Holymatrimonty

  • Service Area: Australia-wide
  • Ethos: If you're after a crackin' good time & view your wedding ceremony as the crucial starting point, the mood maker, the tone setter for the best day of your life, then Monty is your man. Yes he brings his whip. Yes, he uses it.  
  • Packages: 15 minute fully personalised ceremonies with no boring bits

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best elopement celebrants hitched
10. Mel - Hitched in the Hunter

  • Service Area: Hunter Valley & Newcastle, NSW
  • Ethos: "Celebrate your epic love story. Because all the best weddings do."  Elopements feature a narrative of your love story and are a celebration of where you have come from and where you are heading towards. Mel was previously a social worker & now performs many elopements at small venues in the Hunter Valley like Goosewing Cottage.
  • Packages: Full ceremonies + legals only (in 153 words)

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best elopement celebrant thomson
11. Oliver Thomson

  • Service Area: Australia-wide
  • Ethos: Delivers highly-engaging ceremonies that are personalised, relaxed, appropriately funny but still perfectly balanced with a healthy dose of sentiment. A modern-minded celebrant who marries all loving couples who want a unique ceremony with a touch of humour and hint of cheek. Oliver can also deliver your wedding ceremony in Japanese.
    Packages: Fully personalised ceremonies

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best elopement celebrant sue
12. Celebrant Sue

  • Service Area: Gold Coast, QLD
  • Ethos: Personalised wedding ceremonies that join you ‘together forever’ in the most individual and meaningful way possible. Serious or light-hearted marriage ceremonies, the choice is yours.
  • Packages: Ceremony only + affordable elopement packages with photographer & stylist

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best elopement celebrants ruth
13. Ruth Matos

  • Service Area: Greater Sydney, NSW
  • Ethos: Quirky, fun-loving marriage celebrant who crafts personal & unique ceremonies for couples who want a quick but meaningful elopement.
  • Packages: Quick & easy ceremonies

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best elopement celebrants pen
14. Celebrations by Penelope

  • Service Area: Adelaide, SA
  • Ethos: Experience marriage celebrant with 400+ wedding ceremonies & elopements to her name.  Penelope is a joy creator and an embracer of joy in every way. Joyful elopements in South Australia.
  • Packages: Full length ceremonies

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best elopement celebrants nat
15. Nat Sproal

  • Service Area: Greater Melbourne, VIC
  • Ethos: Heart, soul & a dash of rock'n'roll. Warm, genuine and a bit cheeky, Nat serves up fun, relaxed ceremonies full of heart, laughter and good vibes. A seasoned traveller & foodie who loves good tunes.
  • Packages: Ceremony only + weekday all-inclusive elopement packages for 20 - 100 guests @ Noisy Ritual

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best elopement celebrants love
16. Connie Radecker

  • Service Area: WA - Greater Perth
  • Ethos: Low key, intimate elopement ceremonies that are bespoke and include the telling of your personal love story.
  • Packages: Personalised elopement or legals only

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best elopement celebrants Cara
17. Cara - Modern Love Ceremonies

  • Service Area: Byron Bay, NSW
  • Ethos: Cara is a strong public speaker having worked in the arts doing voice overs and theatre acting. Weekday and off-peak weekend elopements in a fun style. 
  • Packages: Personalised full ceremony or legals only

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best elopement celebrants zilber
18. Judy Zilber

  • Service Area: Australian Capital Territory
  • Ethos: Traditional marriage ceremonies by a fun and well organised celebrant with decades of experience.
  • Packages: Full elopement ceremonies or legals only

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best elopement celebrant dan
19. Dan Ford Elopements

  • Service Area: Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Ethos: Vibrant, sincere and young spirited marriage celebrant who will perform elopements anywhere in Australia. 
  • Packages: Custom tailored ceremony or all-inclusive package including choice of Sunshine Coast venues

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best elopement celebrant kate
20. Kate Morgan

  • Service Area: Greater Melbourne
  • Ethos: Inclusive celebrant that creates relaxed wedding ceremonies with a fun vibe. Background in PR shines through with a very engaging delivery. Passionate supporter of climate action.
  • Packages: Fully personalised elopement ceremonies

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best elopement celebrant matt
21. Matt Finch

  • Service Area: VIC + Australia-wide
  • Ethos: "When you're old, I want you to think back to your ceremony with a smile on your face." Open minded celebrant who will create a ceremony that’s right for you and your beliefs, inclusive of race, religion or lifestyle.
  • Packages: Fully personalised elopements & small marriage ceremonies

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best elopement celebrants maria
22. Maria Nizeti Italian Celebrant

  • Service Area: Greater Sydney, NSW
  • Ethos: Full time marriage celebrant who can also deliver your elopement or small wedding ceremony in Italian. Offers registry style elopements in her office or garden, or will marry you at your chosen location.
  • Packages: Ceremony + bouquet or ceremony + bouquet + photographer

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best elopement celebrants roxy
23. Roxy Hotten

  • Service Area: WA
  • Ethos: "Authenticity is key" Dog loving, wine sipping, creative marriage celebrant who believes that everything in a ceremony should have a purpose, a meaning, a realness. There are no rules, beyond the 100 required legal words. Ex Londoner and part-time music journalist. 
  • Packages: Fully personalised 25 - 35 minute ceremonies, shorter 15 minutes ceremonies or 5 minute legals only

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best elopement celebrants leah
24. Love Leah Celebrant

  • Service Area: Greater Melbourne
  • Ethos: "If you say cocktail, I'm there. My parents rock & I would do anything for a friend." Leah is your elopement bestie till death do you part.
  • Packages: Fully customised ceremony or legals only at your place

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Find the best marriage celebrant for your elopement in any state in Australia. 

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