How to Elope in Australia

Eloping in Australia is easy and fun!  There’s very few mandatory tasks that are required to make the wedding legal and plenty of stunning locations and options to choose from to celebrate in your own special way.

From micro weddings to secret weddings and elopements, Australia has all the options you could ever need to plan precisely the kind of small wedding you want.  And without the worry of having to pay for a hundred extra heads, you’re free to create the wedding you deserve.  

Here’s how to make an elopement in Australia everything you hope it will be... 

Decide what’s important!

Why are you eloping? It may be to skip the fuss of a huge wedding ceremony and perhaps you’re keen to keep costs down. But there’s also a vision you want to achieve that involves a more intimate audience.  

Elopement Guide Australia
Plan an elopement that fits with who you both are. Image: Cavanagh Photography

Talk to your partner about what you both value and what getting married means to you.  Think about what you’re going to say with your wedding and what it says about you. Then find people who share your values to help you bring your wedding vision to life.

Find a celebrant

To put it simply, the celebrant is the most important person at your wedding aside from you and your future spouse. All Australian weddings need at least five people present: the people getting married, two witnesses and a celebrant. Your witnesses can include your photographer, videographer or anyone else you invite.  However, it’s the celebrant who sets the tone of your wedding ceremony and joins you together in marriage.  

Choosing the right celebrant is crucial to having a meaningful celebration that resonates with everything you believe in together.  Think about who they might be. Fun? Easy going? Speak another language? Warm hearted?  LGBTI friendly?  Willing to travel?  

Find Elopement Celebrants

When you elope, there's no crowd of guests to rely on for atmosphere at your ceremony. For this reason, it's important to choose an experienced elopement celebrant as they know how to create an intimate atmosphere with just a handful of guests present. Find a celebrant from this list of Australia’s most recommended elopement celebrants.

Choose your invitees

Yes, you might have chosen an elopement so that you don’t have to worry about who gets invited quite as much, but you still need two official witnesses. If you haven’t already decided who to bring with you, consider what’s most important to you when choosing who needs to be at the wedding. 

There are no real hard and fast rules for who to invite or how many to invite. Generally, a guest list of under 8 is considered an elopement, under 20 is a micro wedding and 40 or under is a small wedding.

Any of your wedding vendors, with the exception of your celebrant, can act as a witness to your wedding. 

Book a photographer

Your elopement will be one of the biggest moments of your life, so you’ll want to make sure all the wonderful feelings & moments that you experience on the day are captured beautifully. 

Elopement in Australia
Australian elopement captured by Cavanagh Photography

Australia has a huge range of amazing wedding photographers, including some who have been named amongst the world’s best by leading international publications. You may be surprised by how affordable these elopement photographers are. 

Another option to consider is the addition of a wedding videographer to capture your special day.  They can create a short highlights reel that you can publish and share online.  You can even have the ceremony live streamed for family and friends to watch as it all happens.  Video packages range from simply filming your wedding ceremony to the addition of pre & post wedding footage and drone imagery - which is definitely something to consider if you’re having a destination wedding in one of Australia’s landmark locations.

Tell those who need to know

You’ll probably want to tell your family and closest friends about your wedding.  Think about when, where and how you will share this information.  Will you tell them before, during or after the big day?  

How to elope in Australia
Sydney Harbour elopement captured by Cavanagh Photography

Whoever you tell, tell them directly!  Hearing the news directly from you will help them feel included in your big moment.  They may be curious as to why you are choosing or chose to elope.  Have an explanation you’re comfortable with at the ready and be prepared that some people may require time to digest the news.  If this happens stay positive and be understanding.  

Decide on a budget

Weddings are pricey, even small ones. To give you an estimate of how much your Australian elopement will cost, here’s a rough guide on pricing. 

How much does an Australian Elopement cost?

The average cost of an elopement in Australia is between $8,000 - $15,000. This includes the following expenses:

  • Ceremony Venue Hire: $0 - $5,000 
  • Wedding Celebrant: $650 - $1,800
  • Wedding Photographer: $600 - $5,000
  • Flowers: $300 - $1,200
  • Wedding Videographer: $600 - $5,000
  • Champagne & Nibbles: $150 - $400
  • Hair & Makeup: $120 - $300
  • Planner &/or Stylist: $400 - $3,000

On top of these costs you’ll need to budget for outfits for both of you, the rings, the reception venue or restaurant for celebrating after your ceremony, travel costs and accommodation. Most couples who elope in Australia choose one or two items from this list to ‘splurge’ on, and look to save on the budget in other areas. Your wedding is a very special moment in your life. So think about what you want the most from your special day and be generous to yourself in those areas. 

Elopement Location in Australia
Australia has many beautiful places to elope. Image: Aleksandar Jason Weddings

Choose a location

If you haven’t chosen your wedding location yet, you can start with these 24 amazing places to elope in Australia. Once you’ve decided on a region, you’ll want to look for wedding venues that offer the kind of aesthetic you have in mind. We have a huge range of elopement venues right here on Wedlockers. Simply filter by ceremony spaces, views, location etc to see what each elopement venue has to offer.

Elopement Venue Location Australia
Australia has plenty of small wedding venues for an intimate elopement

Check on legalities

The legal requirements to get married in Australia generally include: not already being married, not be marrying a person who is immediately related to you, be at least 18 years old, understand what marriage means and freely agree to be married, use the specific words required during your wedding ceremony as directed by your celebrant, submit a notice of intended marriage via your celebrant between 1 to 18 months before your wedding and be married by an authorised marriage celebrant.

You’ll need to provide proof of identification and place of birth, as well as a divorce if there have been previous marriages. Documents your celebrant may ask you for in order to submit your paperwork to legalise your marriage include an original birth certificate or extract and an original passport.

Find the perfect gown

Australia is home to an industrious industry of internationally renowned fashion designers including those who create wedding suits and couture gowns. And in addition to the industry’s big names, there’s many local city-based design houses where dream gowns, pant suits, two pieces and more can be tailored, by the designer, off the rack. 

Elopement Wedding Gown Australia
Australian wedding gown designer Suzanne Harward 

Any of the designers listed on Wedlockers will provide you with a custom fitting on your arrival in their city. Make sure you enquire early to get the required appointments prior to your wedding. Australian designed gowns generally start at $1,500 off the rack and custom tailored couture ranges from $5,000.

Don’t forget the rings 

When it comes to the rings, narrow your options down to the metals and gems you want to use, then consider what style fits best.  Do you want simple bands, brushed metal, single stones or something more embellished? As a rule, don’t worry too much about whether your rings match or not. You can each have your own unique design that fits with your lifestyles in mind. 

Having your wedding rings designed locally is a wonderful experience to enjoy together in the lead up to your wedding. Small Australian jewellers will walk you through the process, discussing who you are and what matters to you, to create designs that speak to your personality and relationship. If you’d like recommendations for small, local jewellers who offer this service in your area send us an email.

Think about what comes after

What will you do after the wedding ceremony? What kind of wedding reception do you want? A candlelit table for two catered in a private location, dinner at a restaurant in the city or an outdoor table under the stars at your private country venue?

Elopement Planner Australia
Elopement in Australia styled by E Squared Design Co

Hiring an elopement planner to take care of all your wedding logistics is a good idea if you’re not getting married in your home town. They’ll organise your wedding ceremony, book your chosen suppliers and get you the best table at our most popular venues. You can find Australian elopement planners right here.

Announce your marriage

Even if you’ve given a lot of people close to you the heads-up, you should still think about how you’re going to make your introduction as a married couple. Your wedding photos and video can be used to help you share the news on social media.

You can also create stationery or other custom-made wedding favours to send to your nearest and dearest so that, even though they weren’t there, they have something to celebrate the big day with. Feel free to make a big fuss about it. It was a big moment in your lives together!

It’s easy to elope in Australia! There’s a multitude of beautiful elopement locations, fabulous wedding celebrants, very few restrictions and lots of venues that cater to small elopements and weddings. Decide on your favourite Aussie destination and enquire with an experienced elopement celebrant to kickstart your wedding plans in Australia.

Australian Elopement Celebrants

Cover image: Cavanagh Photography



Ultimate Guide to Destination Weddings in Bali

Bali is one of the most desirable wedding destinations on the planet and for numerous good reasons too. Bali island is an exquisitely beautiful location with impressive wedding chapels, luxurious resorts, infinity pools, plush river valleys and well-preserved shores. With a prestigious list of jaw dropping wedding spots and gorgeous villas, Bali is able to charm and enchant every living being who sets foot on the island, especially those looking for a budget friendly and exotic destination wedding experience. 

If you’re planning on tying the knot in Bali, keep reading! This is your unrivalled guide to ensuring your destination wedding in Bali surpasses all dreams and expectations.   

Best time to have a Bali wedding

Although Bali is tropical and breathtaking all year round, the island does experience the seasonal shift between wet and dry months. Generally, couples opt to have their wedding during the drier seasons, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that a wedding in the wet months is any less delightful. Bali’s rainy season is rather short-lived, in the sense that it could be raining buckets all night long and then be cloud free and clear skies by the morning. 

If you do decide to get hitched during the rainy season, it’s crucial to prepare a Plan B, whether it be with a marquee or tent on standby. If sun-scorched beaches, blue skies and crystal waters is your wedding utopia, your big day will likely need to take place between May and September. This period is known as the dry season, in lament terms – moderate humidity, a good balance of sunshine and surfable waves. 

Bali wedding locations and venues 

Whether it’s something blue in the Indian Ocean, or something borrowed for a floral frangipani arrangement, who wouldn’t want a dream destination wedding in Bali? With world renowned beaches and villas, you won’t easily find stuffy grand ballrooms or rustic barn settings here. Instead, Bali’s most picturesque wedding venues are all about the gorgeous locations and jaw dropping views, with some of the most elegant decorations around. 

Some of the most breathtaking wedding venues include magical jungle sanctuaries, private villas, dazzling clifftop chapels and every other budget-friendly, luxury venue in between. Bali meets and exceeds all expectations when it comes to finding your perfect wedding venue to say your “I do’s”.

There’s an endless collection of all-in-one wedding ceremony, reception and after party venues in Bali that routinely come with infinity pools, hectares of manicured gardens and some of the most beautiful ocean views in the world. 

Bali Destination Weddings
Image: Alma Photography

Private luxury villas are one of the most popular venue choices – and for a good reason. The main reason couples opt for the option of a private villa is exactly that – privacy. Forget about worrying about any ogling hotel guests or party poopers with noise curfews. Instead, enjoy filling a luxurious villa with as many friends and family as you can fit and take pleasure in having the whole place to yourselves. 

A villa on Bali’s South-West Coast provides a mix of natural charm with traditional Balinese elements. With a magical backdrop provided by the Indian Ocean and expansive outdoor space catering for groups of 100 guests standing or a more intimate setting for 80 guests seated, you and your guests are guaranteed a sense of enchantment.

Best areas to get hitched in Bali 

As beautiful and magical as a destination wedding in Bali sounds, it’s almost near to impossible to imagine any part of Bali not screaming “TROPICAL PARADISE”. However, differences do exist between the various areas of Bali with each carrying their own distinct characteristics, experiences and beauty.

Here’s some of the breathtaking areas you’ll want to consider for your destination wedding in Bali.

Ubud District

A scenic hour drive from Bali’s coast and beaches, you will find the vibrant “one with nature” Ubud District. With blends of local tradition and contemporary style hidden amongst enchanting lush valleys, flowing waters and green foothills – Ubud lends its beauty to couples to make an oath and begin life together as one in an awe-inspiring intimate and romantic wedding ceremony. 


Seamlessly blending into the greater Uluwata area, resting on the southernmost tip of the island -  Ungasan is notoriously known as one of the most scenic areas in Bali. She offers majestic clifftops with views for as far as the eye can see. The area combines peaceful rural surroundings with some of the most élite luxury resorts and clifftop villas the Island has to offer. 

Ungasan is also home to some of the most spectacular beaches on Bali Island, with pristine white sand shores and clear blue waters. Weddings are all about elegance and comfort here. Ungasan is the epitome of a seaside wedding sanctuary, offering discrete privacy and intimacy.

Bali Destination Wedding Location
Image: Alma Photography

Bali wedding packages & prices 

The total cost of a Bali wedding is dependent on factors such as; the time of year, type of venue chosen (whether it be a wedding chapel, resort hotel, private villa or an event venue such as a restaurant), number of wedding guests, beverage arrangement, the menu to be served and even the type of entertainment. With hundreds of exotic venues and wedding packages of offer in Bali, you can have a cliff top, chapel, beach front or a rooftop venue – it’s all do-able, irrespective of a big budget or not. 

How much does it cost to get married in Bali?

With a budget of AUD $8,500, you can expect a budget friendly wedding package in Bali, to offer the following inclusions:

  • Package for 30 - 35 guests
  • Private ceremony space with hire for 2 - 3 hours
  • Chairs & hire decorations
  • Personal assistance during the ceremony 
  • Pressing service for Bride & Groom 
  • Preparation room for Bride & Groom
  • Hair & Makeup for Bride
  • Fresh flower arrangements at the altar, aisle & signing table
  • Wedding bouquet & boutonniere
  • Balinese Gong to announce the bridal procession 
  • English speaking marriage celebrant
  • Commemorative wedding certificate 
  • Beverage Package
  • Standard sound system for music use
  • Photographer for 3 hours before, during and after ceremony with a wedding album and all photos on a flash drive 
  • 3 course set menu 
  • Beverage Package for 3 - 4 hours
  • Standard furniture & decorations
  • Gift/souvenir for the couple

Saying “YES” to a wedding planner?

Planning a hometown wedding presents enough trials and tribulations. Add a tropical destination wedding into the mix, and you officially need the assistance and services of a wedding planner. Wedding planners know the local area and customs, what is and isn’t included in packages, and are able to circumvent issues that may arise from assumptions you make based on the way things work at home. Things in Bali, work the Balinese way.

Bali Weddings
Typical Bali wedding location with views of the Indian Ocean. Image: Alma Photography

Hiring a wedding planner reduces the risk of going over budget, eliminates your need to manage and delegate smaller tasks, ensures you comply with the legalities required in a foreign country and typically ensures your expectations are met and you receive what you pay for. 

Finding someone who is familiar with local vendors brings cost-effective ideas to the table  so you can enjoy creating a unique and perfectly you wedding, and have the planning process run smoothly.

Bali wedding legalities 

Getting married in a foreign country is a great way to celebrate your special occasion with loved ones. More and more couples opt to pack their bags and jet off to an exotic wedding destination to experience an event of a lifetime.

Getting hitched overseas however, does involve some extra paperwork and know-how. To ensure that you are legally married once you return to Australia, it’s crucial that you comply with the local Australian law. You can have your dream Balinese wedding, but to make it legally binding with the Australian Consulate, you’ll need to submit the required Australian paperwork. 

What you should be aware of when getting married in Bali

Here are some interesting pointers to be aware of when considering getting legally married in Indonesia. 

  • If you wish to be legally married in Bali, you will be required to have both a civil and religious ceremony. Easily enough in recent years as the civil ceremony is often consolidated with the religious ceremony. 

  • It is a compulsory requirement for couples to file first a “Notice of Intention to Marry”. This is done at the Civil Registry Office in the regency where you are staying in Bali. Couples are then also required to present a “Certificate of non-impediment”. This document is generally obtained from your consulate or embassy in Indonesia. 

  • Generally, persons of any nationality can marry in Indonesia, providing they hold one of the five religions recognised by Indonesia (Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Protestantism). 

  • Not only are you required to declare your religion, under the Indonesian Law – you and your partner must declare the same religion. Before you go down this path, keep in mind that it is a mere formality to verbally declare to be of the same religion as your partner. The vast majority of international couples get married in Bali under Protestant faith. 

  • Couples of the Catholic Faith face are often restricted by law to marrying in a church. Bali allows you to take advantage of their Island’s beauty and tie the knot almost anywhere. Whether it be on a scenic clifftop, your private villa, on the beach, in between rice fields or at a fine dining restaurant.

In a nutshell, with the help of a Bali wedding planner, a tropical destination wedding in any of Bali’s wonderful districts is more than achievable. With an abundance of luxury villas and breathtaking wedding spots, Bali remains an unbeatable and affordable wedding destination. 

Cover image: Alma Photography 








Guide to Luxury Weddings in the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s best luxury wedding destinations. From the region’s centre of Pokolbin, spans a wonderful selection of places to stay and things to do for an extended celebration with your closest family and friends.

Most well-known for its world-class wineries, the Hunter Valley is also an international destination for popular music concerts and festivals. With a year-round calendar of events and it’s close proximity to Sydney & Newcastle, the region sustains a wonderful selection of amenities and services. You’ll find plenty of premium venues, award winning restaurants, luxurious accommodation and spa facilities in the area. 

If you want to celebrate your special day in the fresh country air, enjoying 5 star views with premium cheese & wines and indulging in luxurious experiences from spa treatments to hot air ballooning, the Hunter Valley is the perfect wedding destination for you!

So where to get started planning your wedding? Below is a selection of top quality wedding vendors that service the Hunter Valley area. From luxury wedding venues to high-end photographers and stylists - here’s everything you need to create your dream destination wedding in Australia’s most picturesque wine region.

Luxury Wedding Venues in the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley has a great range of 5 star resorts, wineries and hotels that offer premium wedding packages. One to consider is the award-winning Château Élan. With 3 ceremony and 3 reception venues to choose from, plus luxury accommodation, a full-service spa and a premium golf club, it’s one of Australia’s finest resorts.

Château Élan

Luxury wedding in the Hunter Valley

Luxe setting, great food and indulgent services. No matter if it’s a micro-wedding or a nuptial for hundreds of people, Château Élan’s in-house wedding team works closely with Brides, Grooms & planners to create events of excellence. Chefs are at your disposal to discuss any culinary requirements, on-site salon and spa therapists are there to assist with all hair and make-up needs, and the wedding coordinators make it all a flawless process.

Be it floral arrangements, a wedding rehearsal, beverage packages or theming, all the details are considered, and each venue is unique. Ceremonies can be held in the Carriage House - a unique sandstone chapel, on the Movie Lawn or at the Fairway Rotunda, while receptions can take place in one of two rooms or in a marquee on the expansive lawns.

There’s plenty of wide open space at Château Élan, so you can arrive at your wedding by helicopter. Share relaxed moments with your family and friends while enjoying local world-class  wines in one of the spa’s two Jacuzzi’s or relax in your luxury accommodation or at the wine bar.

 View Château Élan

Arcadian Retreat

luxury wedding hunter valley Arcadian Retreat is a picturesque country getaway ideal for intimate weddings of between 40 and 60 guests. The entire 110 acres is exclusively yours for your wedding day and there are 5 self contained cottages that can sleep up to 16 guests.

A true country oasis, the property boasts breathtaking views of your own private valley, 4 bush tracks, a hidden dam, two friendly cows, an outdoor fire pit and free range chooks that deliver fresh eggs daily for breakfast.

Couples who get married at Arcadian Retreat love the privacy and secluded valley views from each cottage. There’s a swimming pool to cool off in and plenty of stargazing opportunities while you enjoy stargazing next to the fire.

 View Arcadian Retreat

Cypress Lakes

luxury resort hunter valley
Image: Curly Tree Photography

A breathtaking backdrop, superb facilities and impeccable hospitality awaits you at Cypress Lakes Resort. Surrounded by lush, native hinterland, sprawling vineyards and manicured golf greens, the resort blends outstanding ceremony and reception venues with beautifully appointed onsite accommodation. Premier leisure facilities include an 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, 3 pools and restaurant and bar. 

Cypress Lakes caters for weddings from 2 - 800 guests, with indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception spaces. The grounds offer spectacular photo settings, ‘just married’ golf buggies, excellent menus and luxury villa accommodation. There’s a dedicated wedding team who will also organise pre-wedding events for you including an engagement party, indulgent high-tea, pampering in the day spa, a traditional day on the green or bachelor & bachelorette parties.

The wedding packages at Cypress Lakes are all-inclusive and you also receive a complimentary night of accommodation on your first anniversary plus a voucher towards your honeymoon when you book. Friday and Sunday weddings come with added value inclusions. 

 View Cypress Lakes

Estate Tuscany

luxury estate hunter valley Located at the foothills of the Broken back ranges, Estate Tuscany is a luxurious, boutique wedding venue with uninterrupted vineyard and mountain views. Set on 26 acres of beautiful countryside, and with a chef’s hat in 2020, this Tuscan inspired estate offers a truly spectacular wedding experience.

You can have a garden wedding ceremony overlooking the magnificent views or in wet weather head under the stunning awnings or into one of the indoor spaces. Wedding receptions for up to 200 guests can be held in The Mill - the on-site fine dining restaurant or catered under the stars in the Estate’s romantic courtyard.

With 38 rooms at the property, you can enjoy exclusive use of the grounds with your wedding guests. The cafe-style Brokenback Bar is the ideal place to relax with family and friends while sampling local Hunter Valley wines and beer. 

 View Estate Tuscany

For more luxury venue options, get our complete list of 64 Hunter Valley Wedding Venues.

Luxury Wedding Stylists in the Hunter Valley

Anna Wang

luxury wedding stylingImage: Kevin Lue Photography 

One of Australia’s leading ethereal wedding stylists who travels to the Hunter Valley from Sydney. Anna’s work includes extravagant florals & ceiling installations, candlelit spaces, lush centrepieces and guaranteed wow factor.

 View Anna Wang

Honey Lane

Luxury wedding stylistSpecialists in ‘blank canvas’ and private estate weddings, Honey Lane provide full service wedding planning, styling and design. Lara & her team design bespoke events working with you to produce wedding journeys that are hallmarks of unabashed joy.

 View Honey Lane

Ashdown and Bee

luxury wedding stylist hunter valley
mage: Scott Surplice 

Mel designs & styles bespoke weddings, engagements and proposals in Sydney & surrounds including the Hunter Valley. Simon creates handcrafted signs and murals. Together they have all the props you’ll need + a classic American Cadillac you can hire too.

 View Ashdown & Bee

Hunter Events

luxury wedding installation hunter valley

Based locally in the Hunter Valley, Louise will assist your wedding plans from start to finish sourcing and arranging as much or as little as you require. From intimate family gatherings to lavish black-tie affairs, Hunter Events are your go-to experts for local wedding knowledge.

 View Hunter Events

Luxury Wedding Photographers in the Hunter Valley

Within 2 hours drive of the Hunter Valley live several of Australia’s best wedding photographers. And with gorgeous sunsets, spectacular scenery and stylish venues on offer, they absolutely love accepting weddings in the Hunter region! Here’s a couple of our favourite high end photographers. 

Olguin Photography

luxury wedding photographer hunter valleyFun, innovative and great communicators are some of the endorsements that husband and wife team Alex and Cassie have received from peers in the wedding industry. They’ve also been nominated a rising star by Rangefinder Mag - which is a pretty big deal in the wedding photography world. Alex will capture the raw emotion and feelings on your wedding day focusing on the profound, unplanned and natural interactions. 

 View Olguin Photography

James Day

Luxury wedding photography

James is a wonderful down-to-earth human being who takes the type of highly emotive images that go viral on social media. He started his career shooting marquee style weddings on private country properties and his passion for these relaxed style weddings hasn’t wanned. If you are a couple who are madly in love, and who have a heart for adventure, it’s very likely James will be excited to hear your story.

 View James Day

Fox & Kin

luxury same sex weddings hunter valley

Nicola (you can call her Nic) has a way with words. “I’m here for the real shit,” she says. “The raw stuff, the double-chinned laughter and the happy tears. I want to capture not only what your wedding day looked like, but what it felt like.” Nic thrives on human connection and intimacy and her images show it. Which is probably why she’s been named Capture Magazine’s Top Emerging Wedding Photographer of 2020. The accolades don’t get much bigger.

 View Fox & Kin

Jack Henry

luxury wedding photos hunter valley

Jack is an international wedding photographer with an impressive portfolio of fashion photography. He has shot campaigns for well-known wedding brands including One Day Bridal, Rue De Seine and Karen Willis Holmes and his work is regularly featured in magazines such as Hello May. Jack’s clients love his warmth, attention to detail, his ‘fly on the wall’ approach and his relaxed nature which many point to making them feel comfortable on their wedding day.

 View Jack Henry

Custom Wedding Couture

One of the other exciting items on your wedding to-do list is likely to be finding your perfect wedding gown or suit. At Wedlockers, we have a wonderful range of wedding gown designers based all around Australia from the most noted names in the industry to up and coming labels. You can use our style filters to view suits & gowns and find designers who have a creative aesthetic you love. 

The Hunter Valley is a wonderful destination to celebrate your wedding with family and friends in style. The beautiful landscape makes an incredible backdrop for your special day and offers the finest in services for total luxury during your stay. 

If you’d like help finding other suitable suppliers to make your luxury wedding in the Hunter Valley come true, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at We’re always delighted to help.

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