“How do you choose a wedding celebrant?” is one of the most common questions asked by couples getting married in Australia. In this article, Jennifer Cram - The Inclusive Celebrant shares her expertise as an ex recruitment specialist on how to choose a celebrant and what questions to ask to find the perfect celebrant for you.

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How to choose a wedding celebrant

Let’s start by asking you, dear bride or groom to be, an awkward question. If you were looking for a solicitor, a tradie, or a doctor, would you be looking for a new friend or would your priority be someone who is good at their job, someone who takes the time to understand your needs, someone who is a good communicator? 

Take a moment!

Getting married is a serious undertaking that has far-reaching consequences because marriage changes your legal status and responsibilities. It affects so much – who your next of kin is, who can inherit your estate, and who you are legally obliged to support.

Make no bones about it, your celebrant can make or break your big day. Of course you want to put your ceremony in the hands of someone you like, someone you feel gets you. But you also need to be confident that that person is capable of delivering a ceremony that will be something special, and that they know their stuff, legally as well as ceremonially.

Time to trot out the tricks of the trade used by recruitment specialists when seeking someone to fill a critical position. Time to ask some penetrating questions. But first, you need to look at celebrant CVs (resumes).

When you apply for a job you are generally asked to send in your resume, and you may be asked to respond to some selection criteria to demonstrate the extent to which you meet the company’s specifications. If you don’t fit on paper, you’ll be weeded out, fast. This is a very efficient way of approaching what could be a sizeable number of applicants. They look for red flags, for reasons to toss your application on the reject pile. It is a last man standing methodology.

And it is a relatively easy way to go, because they know what the job consists of. What skills and experience it requires. But you, dear bride or groom to be, may not be across everything a celebrant does. So you have a couple of things you need to do before you start a serious search.

How to choose wedding celebrants
To find your perfect wedding celebrant, start by doing a little research. Image: Ayzia Jade Photography

First Step: Find out what comprises a celebrant’s job

I’m not suggesting that you read the Marriage Act (unless you’re heavily into boring bedtime reading), but you should do a bit of research into the legal requirements for marriage, what a celebrant’s legal role is, and what it takes to develop and officiate the ceremony. The Attorney General’s website is not a bad start. And a google search should turn up the information you need.

Second Step: Write a little list

Unless you live in a remote region, there will be dozens, if not hundreds, of celebrants in your area. While all authorised celebrants are required to abide by a code of conduct and to solemnise your marriage according to the rules of the Marriage Act, there is huge variation in how they go about the business of getting you married.

So it would be a good idea to have a discussion about what you want from your celebrant (perhaps a description of your “ideal celebrant” together with any deal-breakers) so that you can quickly narrow down the number of possibles. 

Do you want an upbeat and fun wedding celebrant, an elopement specialist, someone who’s adventurous, relaxed, helpful & organised, has plenty of experience or who will put you at ease on the big day?

Tip: Recruitment specialists approach each application looking for negatives. They know what the red flags and deal-breakers are for each job and look for those. This makes it easy to quickly weed out unsuitable candidates. 

Third Step: Let your fingers to the walking

A celebrant’s business listing is their advertisement but also their application for the job of being your celebrant. Using your list, scan celebrants in your region for your deal breakers and make a list of those still standing. Keep refining that until you get down to your top three or so. Then prioritise that list. The idea being that you make contact with your top pick first, check availability, and get a sense of them as a person. 

Hint: Back in the day when I was involved in interviewing applicants, I became quite famous for writing “Where’s the bloody evidence” next to extravagant claims made by applicants when addressing selection criteria. The interesting thing about Australian law is that while, in advertising, intentionally misleading or deceptive statements are illegal, puffery is not. Puffery is the term used for wild descriptions or claims that the legal pundits believe are unlikely to ever be thought of as true – for example claims to be the best, the most sought after, and similar boasts. In other words, extravagant claims for which evidence is lacking or inadequate because there is no comparative data or universal assessment process in place.

Choosing a wedding celebrant
Image: PixieRos Photography

Fourth Step: Develop your questions

You will need two sets of questions. The first, basic availability questions that will be part of your initial approach. It’s a short list – Are they available on your date, and for your type and size of ceremony. And secondly, are they available for a ceremony at your venue. The second is important, particularly if some travel might be involved as many celebrants perform more than one ceremony on a day, particularly on the weekend.

The second set of questions is the probing ones you’ll ask when interviewing a short-listed celebrant. You’ll get the most useful responses if;

  • You ask open-ended questions that can’t be answered by yes or no
  • You test your assumptions by asking follow-up questions to either clarify or to expand on your understanding of what you are being told

Killer Questions a recruitment specialist would ask

1. What was your occupation/job before you became a celebrant and how has that fed into the way you operate as a celebrant? 

Why a recruitment specialist would ask this:

Recruitment specialists ask questions that will help them to get a sense of how well a candidate understands the role and its day-to-day requirements. They also want to find out whether the candidate’s skills match the job description and what they can do for the organisation overall. When you are hiring a celebrant how they answer this question should give you a sense of how they view their role, what their focus is, and whether their approach would be one you would be comfortable with.

Tip: Many celebrants either work full or part-time in another job, so you may need to tweak the way you ask the question to account for that.

2. How has the way you develop and perform a marriage ceremony changed over the period you have been a celebrant?

Why a recruitment specialist would ask this

Recruitment specialists ask questions that will help them get a sense of how flexible an applicant is, how nimble and open to change a candidate might be, and the extent to which a candidate is capable of introspection, analysis, and learning.

Tip: A good follow-up would be to ask How do you assess your performance as a celebrant?

3. What have you learned about weddings that has surprised you?

Why a recruitment specialist would ask this

Recruitment specialists ask questions that will help them get a sense of how deep the candidate’s understanding of the role is.

Tip: Inserting a question like this in the middle allows for a change of pace. That always helps as extra information is likely to be revealed when people are more relaxed.

4. What makes you a great celebrant and how does that set you apart from your competition?

Why a recruitment specialist would ask this

Recruitment specialists ask questions that will help them get a sense of how compatible the candidate might be with both the strategic imperatives and the culture of the organisation. How a celebrant responds to this question should give you an insight into their personality and the extent to which their values and style meet your requirements. 

Tip: Watch out for puffery! Good follow up questions would be asking for specific examples.

5. What do you do that is different from other celebrants?

Why a recruitment specialist would ask this

Where innovation is a key requirement, recruitment specialists ask questions that will help them get a sense of the extent to which a candidate can think outside the box and the extent to which a candidate understands relevant legal or ethical boundaries. How a celebrant answers this question may reveal both their focus and their understanding of both aspects of the celebrant’s role.

Tip: This question can also open the conversation to the nitty gritty of process. If it doesn’t, follow up by asking the celebrant to describe their process.

6. What questions do you wish we would ask you?

Why a recruitment specialist would ask this

We all know that one of the questions we are expected to be asked at the end of an interview is what we would like to ask the interviewer. Turning the question on its head by rephrasing it acknowledges that the celebrant is also assessing whether you are a couple that they would like to work with, but it also should give you a sense of their capacity to read you, and ensure that you come away from the interview with a full understanding of what is on offer, how it will be delivered, and how you will work together.

Last words of advice:

  • Listen to your guts (both of you)
  • Don’t be blindsided by shared interests, or similar tastes in food, drink, or sports – it is shared values that accurately predict the likelihood of success

Remember it is a two-way street. You’re hiring a partner, someone to work with you in creating a magic experience for everyone, including the two of you.

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This article was written by Jennifer Cram - The Inclusive Celebrant. Jenny is a wedding celebrant based in Brisbane. You can enquire with her here.

Cover Image: Jerome Cole Photography


30 Awesome South Coast Wedding Photographers

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer on the South Coast of NSW you’re in luck. There’s a wonderfully eclectic collection of photographers to choose from in the region, and plenty more who travel from Sydney and beyond to service the area. 

So how do you choose the perfect photographer for you? 

With so many wedding photographers interested in shooting weddings on the South Coast, customers getting married here have the luxury of finding their ideal match. The range of photographic styles available in this region is exciting and most couples will have no difficulty finding several photographers who produce photos in an aesthetic they absolutely love. 

On our list of 30 amazing South Coast wedding photographers a style review has been provided for each photographer. Since you’ll want to love your wedding images, this is the best place to start looking for ‘the one’. Use these reviews to refine the type of photography you’re drawn to and find photographers whose work you absolutely love. 

When you find images that give you the feels or speak to you in some way, you’ll want to send the photographer an enquiry to check if they’re available on your wedding date. You can also request a copy of their wedding packages and ask for a price list. The quickest & easiest way to contact vendors is via the enquiry form on each photographer’s listing. They will reply directly to your email.

As there are no standardised packages in the wedding industry, package prices & inclusions can differ vastly between photographers. If you’re on a budget, you might want a rough idea of how much a photographer will cost before you enquire. For this purpose, we’ve provided a price guide for each photographer below. The estimated pricing roughly refers to; 5 or 6 hours coverage, one photographer + all digital images. 

If wedding photos are one of your top most important things, we recommend ignoring the price guide and focus instead on finding wedding photographers who are a great creative fit. Aside from searching out the photographers who create images you love, you can also filter photographers who have shared interests with - stuff like love, connection, travelling, climbing mountains, the beach, animals, having fun, saving the planet, being crazy, etc. 

Spending the day with someone you like makes all the difference to how much you’ll love your wedding photos. Use the info section for each photographer below to find those you’ll sync well with. All of the photographers listed below service weddings from the southern suburbs of Sydney, to the Illawarra, Kangaroo Valley, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and further south to the Sapphire Coast.

30 South Coast Wedding Photographers

1. Beth Fernley


  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Candid, emotive, raw
  • Bio: Passionate, down-to-earth, fun, barefoot, adventure seeking, lover of all kinds of love

 View Beth Fernley

2. Fiona + Bobby

South Coast Togs Fiona

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Dark, moody, portrait + candid mix
  • Bio: Misfit romantic duo. Quirky lovers of music, film, theatre, comedy & activism

 View Fiona + Bobby

3. Olguin Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography

  • Price Guide: $4,500+
  • Style: Highly emotive, cinematic, candid art with warmth. Whole story in one image.
  • Bio: Calm, confident & fun. Alex is a father, husband, groodle & coffee lover.

 View Olguin Photography

4. James Day Weddings

James Day Emotive Photography

  • Price Guide: $4,500+
  • Style: Intimate, heart-felt & fun. Meaningful images straight from the lens.
  • Bio: Easy going & down to earth. Lover of love, adventure & country weddings.

 View James Day

5. Jon Harris Photography

South Coast Photographer Jon

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Candid, natural, light
  • Bio: Relaxed & easygoing. Loves photographing small, intimate weddings & fur babies. 

 View Jon Harris

6. Gavin Cato

South Coast Wedding Photographer Gavin

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Timeless portraiture, vibrant colours, specialist aerial wedding photography
  • Bio: Discreet on the day, funny, organised, calm, no fuss

 View Gavin Cato

7. Peter Izzard

South COast Photographer Peter

  • Price Guide: <$2,500
  • Style: Eclectic mix including natural, B&W & filtered. Landscape specialist.
  • Bio: Chilled, accommodating, caring, friendly, easy going. Kiama local.

 View Peter Izzard

8. Translucent Photography

south coast wedding photographer nsw

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Versatile mix of dark, light, B&W, moody & fun. Subtle contrasts. 
  • Bio: Lucy is fun, bubbly, energetic and always at ease. Travel lover, great communicator. 

 View Translucent Photography

9. Alex Carlyle

South Coast Wedding Photographer Alex

  • Price Guide: $4,500+
  • Style: Unique authenticity, fun, candid, gritty, moody, quirky, bright, clear
  • Bio: Values truth, equity & inclusion. Relaxed, calming, easy going.

 View Alex Carlyle

10. Samuel White

south coast wedding photographers nsw

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Classic, white, bright, mostly candid
  • Bio: Home renovator enthusiast. Ex paparazzi. Fun, relaxed, easy going.

 View Samuel White

11. Jack Henry

south coast wedding photographers nsw classic

  • Price Guide: $4,500+
  • Style: Crisp, clean, white, bright
  • Bio: Ex fashion photographer. Laid back approach. 'Fly on the wall'. Warm. Kind. Humble.

 View Jack Henry

12. Amelia Soegijono

South Coast Tog Amelia

  • Price Guide: $4,500+
  • Style: Light, white, bright, ethereal
  • Bio: Film photographer & stylist. Kind, gentle, easy going.

 View Amelia Soegijono

13. Jason Valler

Jason Valler South Coast

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Emotive, fun, moody, eclectic
  • Bio: Accommodating, easy going, energetic, switched on, creates ease in front of the lens

 View Jason Valler

14. With Heart

south coast wedding photographer shoalhaven

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Mostly candid, contrast, B&W
  • Bio: Mitch takes the time to get to know his clients, gets rave reviews, is easy going & unobtrusive.

 View With Heart

15. Two Creeks

South Coast Photographer Two Creeks

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Mix of candid & crafted, close up emotive shots, occasional image effects
  • Bio: Loves to ride mountain bikes in remote areas, chocolate, bakery goods and people

 View Two Creeks

16. Matt Ashton

South Coast Photographer Weddings Ashton

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Bright, crisp, straight from the lens, 99% candid, happy shots
  • Bio: Laid back adventurer who wants to be your best friend. Awkward & non-photogenic friendly.

 View Matt Ashton

17. Swoon Weddings

Swoon Weddings Bowral

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Great all round mix of natural images. Occasional subtle colour enhancement
  • Bio: Happy to travel. Also offers video packages.

 View Swoon Weddings

18. Thom Dwyer

South Coast WEddings Thom

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Mix of subtle effects, B&W, natural, variety of angles, intent on unique creations. 
  • Bio: Was described by one client as "a kickass guest"! Comes ready for jokes, fun and games.

 View Thom Dwyer

19. Sonja J Photography

South Coast Wedding Photographer Sonja

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Vibrant, rich, crisp and romantic
  • Bio: Enthusiastic, hard working (in an unobtrusive way) ninja. Often described as "lovely" & "made us feel at ease".

 View Sonja C Photography

20. Jason Corroto

Jason Corroto Weddings

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Versatile. Artful use of camera settings (D.O.F & slow shutter). Great image variety including colour + B&W. 
  • Bio: Self described introvert, expressing emotion through imagery. Collaborative. Adventurous. Happy to travel.

 View Jason Corroto

21. Nigel Unsworth

Nigel Unsworth South Coast

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Fine art. Timeless. Moody.
  • Bio: Fun, relaxed and helpful in the lead up 

 View Nigel Unsworth

22. John Benavente

south coast wedding photographer john

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Plenty of B&W and close ups full of emotion and fun moments. Epic party shots.
  • Bio: Experienced Jewish wedding photographer.  Live band enthusiast.

 View John Benavente

23. Emma Marie Photography

South Coast Photographer Emma

  • Price Guide: <$2,500
  • Style: Clean, crisp, white, bright
  • Bio: Great with kids, collaborative, listens, approachable, genuine, patient

 View Emma Marie

24. Tale Thief

South Coast Wedding Tog Tale

  • Price Guide: <$2,500
  • Style: Mix of raw, natural images
  • Bio: Thia is enthusiastic, kind, caring, warm and collaborative. Will deliver requested shot list

 View Tale Thief

25. Margan Photography

south coast wedding photographer margan

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Very candid, crisp, happy, emotive shots. Natural. 
  • Bio: A wife/wife team Erin & Erica capturing romantics, sentimentalists, adventurers & fun makers

 View Margan Photography

26. Nora Devai

Wedding Photographer SOuth Coast Nora

  • Price Guide: <$2,500
  • Style: WYSIWYG. Mix of candid & classic shots
  • Bio: Background in photojournalism. A local who knows the best secret locations.

 View Nora Devai

27. The Dreams Collective

South Coast Wedding Photographer Dreams

  • Price Guide: <$2,500
  • Style: Preference for close ups and B&W
  • Bio: Candid photographers who also offer wedding films

 View Dreams Collective

28. KLD Photography

South Coast Wedding Photography kld

  • Price Guide: <$2,500
  • Style: Fair dinkum, salt of the earth, natural
  • Bio: Kind, caring, relaxed, down-to-earth & fun. Kristie is a pet friendly & child friendly, patient photographer.

 View KLD Photography

29. The Paper Fox

South Coast wedding photographer paper

  • Price Guide: $2,500 - $4,500
  • Style: Light, bright, white, natural
  • Bio: An outgoing extrovert, Kristen values relationships & human connection. Joyous. Christian.

 View The Paper Fox

30. Yasmina Nadine

Yasmina South Coast

  • Price Guide: <$2,500
  • Style: Bold, vibrant reportage, natural, no awkward posing
  • Bio: Mum, kitchen dancer, traveller, python owner. Supportive. Warm. Open.

 View Yasmina Nadine

This guide should make finding your ideal wedding photographer on the South Coast easy. It’s a high quality list of photographers that includes several who have been named among Australia’s best wedding photographers. Plenty are also regularly featured in leading wedding magazines and blogs, and others have received awards from respected photographic institutions. 

We have not identified the accolades achieved by photographers here for several reasons. There’s plenty of photographers in the wedding community who choose not to subscribe to awards or submit work to magazines and this does not distract from their creative talents, but more importantly, these accolades can’t tell you which photographer is a perfect fit for you.  

We believe your instincts are the best judge of which photographer is right for you. This is our recommended list of wedding photographers on the South Coast of NSW. We hope it saves you time in finding your perfect wedding photographer.

Cover Image: Margan Photography

14 Best Elopement Celebrants in Sydney

Finding your elopement celebrant in Sydney is easier than you think. With thousands of registered celebrants in the greater Sydney region there's no shortage of options. But with such a large volume to choose from, it can be a daunting proposition to find the perfect person to officiate your wedding.

View 14 Sydney Elopement Celebrants

The quickest & easiest way to find the right celebrant for you, is to ask yourself some simple questions which are outlined below. Your answers to these questions will tell you what to look for and enable you to quickly shortlist the celebrants who will best fit with you & your partner. 

If you’re eloping, one of the first criteria to look for is a celebrant who specialises in elopements. Here’s why...

An authorised celebrant is legally required to make the wedding official, so your celebrant, by default, is always the most important (other) person at your wedding regardless of what type of ceremony you’re having. You can’t get married without them. But if you choose to elope, the role your celebrant will play in marrying you and the way they perform the ceremony is quite unique. 

elopement wedding celebrant
Who will share your elopement with you? Perfect Moment Photography

By definition, an elopement is a more intimate celebration that you will share with fewer people. Instead of addressing a large audience, your celebrant will be addressing everyone at your ceremony on a more individual level. Celebrants who specialise in elopements know how to maximise this experience for you, as well as your guests, in this more intimate setting. 

Elopement celebrants know how to set a comfortable tone while at the same time creating a momentous event of your wedding with just a handful of people present. They are a special kind of celebrant, with a special expertise.

View 14 Most Recommended Elopement Celebrants in Sydney

Because of the limited number of guests at an elopement, it stands to reason that your celebrant will play a more pivotal role in your wedding ceremony. Aside from being your officiant, they’ll also be one of your special wedding guests. Without the presence of a large audience, it will be with your celebrant that you share the joy of being freshly joined in marriage. 

In short, you will create many fond memories on the day of your elopement (and during the planning stages) that will very definitely involve your celebrant. Elopements by their very nature put a keener focus on the ceremony part of the day, and so your celebrant will be a more present and involved person in your wedding. For this reason, it’s so important if you're eloping to find a celebrant that you absolutely love! So...

How do you choose an elopement celebrant?

And how do you know which celebrant is ‘the one’?

We’ve reviewed Sydney’s most recommended elopement celebrants so you can quickly enquire with those who feel like a great fit for you. In this guide, you’ll find a short description of the type of elopements each celebrant provides and the individual benefits that each celebrant brings to your wedding. 

View Sydney Elopement Celebrants

When you’re on the hunt for an elopement celebrant, it can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions which will provide criteria you can then use to search. Putting words to attributes you prefer and the type of ceremony you want will significantly help in filtering a shortlist of Sydney celebrants to enquire with. Ask yourself the following questions...

Why you are eloping?

Elopement celebrant Australia Sydney
Eloping is more fun. Image: JK Sniper

Think about why you are eloping. If it’s to avoid the stress of standing in front of a large congregation because you’re an anxious person who doesn’t like the spotlight, you might prefer a celebrant who specialises in wedding ceremonies for 'introverted' couples. There are some elopement celebrants that offer fun, high energy and very entertaining ceremonies, while others offer calmer and quieter services. A common preference among introverted couples is for celebrants who offer simple & quick ceremonies, and you'll find several of these celebrants in our list of Sydney elopement specialists.

If you’re in a hurry and you’ve chosen to elope in order to get married sooner rather than later, you’ll want to find celebrants who have last minute availability. Most experienced wedding celebrants book out many months in advance but there will usually be a couple who can make themselves available in your preferred timeframe.  The trick here, is to provide plenty of information about yourselves and your elopement plans when you enquire. Celebrants are known to take on an extra booking if they love the story of the couple enquiring.

Elopement celebrants in Sydney NSW
They wanted an intimate elopement in the countryside - Cavanagh Photography

The quickest way to find out who has last minute availability, is to use the ‘enquire all’ button on our list of recommended Sydney elopement celebrants. Simply enter your preferred wedding date(s), share your story, and the celebrants who are available will reply to you.

The more flexible you can be with your preferred wedding dates, the more celebrants you’ll have to choose from. For this reason you may prefer to enquire about availability during a preferred period of time (eg “within the next 3 months”) rather than specific dates. 

Under Australian law you must lodge a notice of intended marriage with your chosen elopement celebrant at least one month before the date of your wedding. So if you’re really in a rush, you could be married within 31 days from today!

Who are you eloping with?

If it’s just the two of you eloping, you can simply find a celebrant that you both love and there’s no need to consider anyone else. But if you’re having guests attend your elopement, you may find it adds to your ceremony to consider them when choosing your celebrant.

An example of when you might consider your attendees when choosing your officiant, is when one or more of your guests speak a different language. There are many bilingual marriage celebrants in Sydney including some who specialise in elopements. Other guest considerations when choosing a celebrant might be cultural fit or shared faith. Remember though, these considerations are only relevant if they’ll enhance your day - for you.

Where are you eloping?

elopement celebrant Sydney
Intrepid celebrant Josh Withers in action. Image: Bulb Creative

If you’re planning to throw on your hiking boots and exchange vows on a snowy mountaintop, you’ll want to choose a celebrant who will wholeheartedly embrace your adventure with you. You’ll find several of these intrepid individuals on our list of Sydney elopement celebrants

Similarly if you’re intending to get married on a beach, you’ll want a celebrant who loves, or is at least happy to have sand between their toes. The more comfortable your celebrant is in the surrounds that you choose, the more they’ll be focused on you and enjoying themselves alongside you on your wedding day.

Also note, that your elopement celebrant need not be locally based. Many of Australia’s best elopement celebrants will travel to marry their couples. You’ll notice there’s a Queensland celebrant in our Sydney list, and for good reason. He is one of the most recommended elopement celebrants in Australia and couples regularly choose him to marry them throughout popular wedding destinations in NSW. (He performs weddings all over the world including on the snow capped peaks of Queenstown in New Zealand on a fairly regular basis - in case you happen to be considering an overseas adventure wedding).

Elopements are sometimes performed in places that hold a significant meaning for couples and this can also inspire a preference for who will marry you. You might prefer a local who knows the area well and can suggest locations for your ceremony and/or photos. Alternatively, if you're getting married in a cultural institution such as a library, museum, university or gardens, you might prefer to hire a celebrant with a joint interest or affinity with such places.

What are you including in your elopement ceremony?

Most elopement ceremonies include an exchange of vows and rings. You’ll also need to sign a marriage document and be pronounced as a married couple. In addition to these formalities you can pretty much include whatever you like in your wedding ceremony. Thinking about these additions can help you identify criteria that’s important to you when finding your celebrant.

Some common inclusions are; a welcome to country, elements of faith or religion, items of cultural importance, homage to origins, symbolic rituals, respect to elders, pledges such as to step children, readings, songs, the inclusion of pets or animals etc.

elopement weddings celebrants pet friendly
Bringing your fur babies to your elopement? Search for pet friendly elopement celebrants. Image: Perfect Image Photography

In addition to asking yourself the above questions, try to find celebrants who share a common interest with you. We’ve included the common interests of these Sydney elopement celebrants for this very reason. Shared interests give you and your celebrant a connection beyond the pretext of your wedding and add another level of intimacy & friendship to your wedding ceremony.

Imagine if your celebrant wove relevant pop culture references into your ceremony. Or spoke of your life experiences with the understanding of someone who has shared them. Or can make subtle in-jokes relevant to your profession/hobby/sport. 

So although there are literally hundreds of wedding celebrants in Sydney, it’s actually not difficult to filter those who would be a great fit to officiate your special day. Start here, with our list of Sydney’s most recommended elopement celebrants

We recommend you enquire with any celebrants you feel a connect with and shortlist those who have availability on your preferred wedding dates. You can decide from the replies you receive who you will take the time to meet. Most celebrants will offer you an appointment via zoom or another online phone or live streaming platform, and having a first meeting in this way saves a lot of time during the planning stage. 

Find your own special celebrant to create your elopement with here...

 View Sydney Elopement Celebrants

Cover Image: Odd Socks Society

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